The 5:2 Diet – Lose Weight Without Giving up Your Favorite Cake

Most people you meet these days are eager to lose weight, get the perfect figure, and adopt the best health regimen. To tell you the truth, this craze is not just restricted to models and celebrities anymore. In fact, you’ll find numerous diet plans and weight loss techniques coming up in discussions almost everywhere, from social clubs to schools and from homes to offices.

Picture of a foodie man with a beef burger and an apple

You must have heard the term “5:2 Diet” in some of these diet-related conversations, haven’t you? After all, this simple method has already influenced innumerable weight-conscious individuals. You’d be surprised to know that these people actually follow the diet plan’s guidelines.

What is 5:2 Diet?

Wonder what makes the 5:2 diet different or special from other methods. Well, in this diet routine, you are required to restrict your calorie consumption for only two days a week. And you’re free to eat whatever you want for the remaining five days. Sounds easy, right?

This diet method helps you shed those extra pounds pretty conveniently. You don’t have to constantly weigh your food or count your calories. Just spend two days of self-control and then get ready to enjoy five days of untroubled living.

The idea behind this diet plan is to eat according to your normal routine for five days a week. Limit your calorie consumption to 500-600 cals on the remaining two days. Just make sure the two fasting days shouldn’t be consecutive.

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Claims and Reports

The 5:2 diet has already become quite popular in the USA, UK, and Europe. According to the claims made by the supporters of this diet routine, weight loss is only one of the primary benefits of this method. They support this diet because it can help a person look younger, live longer, and fight off dementia.

As compared to other forms of weight loss techniques, the 5:2 diet is still in its initial stages. Since it hasn’t undergone extensive clinical testing, make sure to consult your physician or health expert before adopting this diet approach. After all, not everyone is able to fast safely.

Manage Your Diet

While following the 5:2 diet, men can consume nearly 600 calories and women can have 500 calories on fasting days. This calorie restriction signifies that you can have small portions on two non-consecutive days. So what will your diet include on these days?

  • Image of boiled eggsGet 300 calories in breakfast. You can go for ham with 2 scrambled eggs, green tea, black coffee, or only water.
  • Get 300 calories in lunch or dinner. You can have grilled meat or fish with vegetables.

There are plenty of appetizing 5:2 diet recipes that you can use to prepare low-calorie meals on those fasting days. For instance, prepare tomato and cheese omelette for breakfast. Your lunch or dinner can include a refreshing, scrumptious, and healthy salad, minestrone soup, or smoked salmon pizza.

Don’t forget to keep checking our blog posts as more of these healthy, easy-to-cook, and delicious meals will be coming up later.