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Lose belly fat

To lose belly fat for a slimmer waist seems to be one of the daunting tasks in any physical fitness regime. Not only excess belly fat looks unsexy among all age group, it is also a risk factor for developing metabolic disorder leading to conditions like fatty liver, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes without mercy.

Many blame swelled up tummy and excess body fat on genes, but that is not true. Scientists in many research studies found its diet and our inactive lifestyle to be the main culprit. Hope is there, if you don't give up: You can easily burn your calories, tone your abs while losing belly fat with our tips. The expert approved tips are tried and tested for fat loss among men and women. Moreover, you will find all your belly fat loss questions answered here at FitnessNCare.com.

We never suggest going for surgery; infact, our guide for perfect waist comprise of simple and small tricks to adjust your daily diet, ways to burn calories through exercises and sometimes addition of essential fat burners to back it up to burn those stubborn belly fats faster and safe.