Our Objective

At FitnessNCare.com, we aim to provide unique insights and tools for readers in pursuits of losing belly fat and weight loss in general. We prefer to use simple, small tips and tricks that would help our readers to adjust their daily diet and routine to lose the extra pounds around their waist lines. Anyone with the intention of losing excess body fat will get appropriate answers, in plain and jargon free English, to their queries to make a well-informed choice.

Helping those obese people to break away from their usual inactive lifestyle into witnessing physical, emotional, and habitual transformation is our success and satisfaction.

The Story Behind

The concept behind FitnessNCare.com came into existence after long emotional moments between a father and a son. GM (Golam Mohammad, the father) had five bypass surgery, and while recovering at the United Hospital, the metabolic syndrome issues from visceral fat (commonly known as stomach or belly fat), the rise of insulin belly and the debilitating effects of diabetes were discussed in details. The emotions brewed the thoughts of ‘raising awareness’, and later that year (2013) in October FitnessNCare.com was founded by the son (Sohail Mohammad).

GM was a wonderful man who had immense interest in books and knowledge. Being a teacher by profession and a prolific reader, GM spent much of his time into books and teachings without a care for physically active life.

In his late 20s, GM was gaining weight and his waistline was going out of control. He didn’t realise how detrimental this situation could be for his future health. Within just few years, he became type 2 diabetic. Soon after finding out the health condition from his doctor, GM started changing his diets and pushed himself into physical activities. He wanted to live a good life rather than giving up and soon started enjoying his new hobby, cycling around the country, and talking about losing excess weight to his known circle for maintaining good health and fitness. His only regret was wish he knew much earlier, how to look after body weight and keep belly fat in check to avoid his insulin condition. He started giving priority of physical fitness over his profession, and went to do things rare among his community. Like in 1998, while living in USA, he walked across Texas, over a course of 3 months. This can be referred in Granny D's book while he walked along with her in Texas (Haddock, Doris. 2001. Walking Across America in My 90th Year. New York: Villard Books, 136-140).  

The last few months of GM’s life left an inspiration for Sohail to get involved with his website FitnessNCare.com. GM survived his diabetic stage for 40 years before he died in August, 2014. 

Meet the Team

Photo of Sohail Mohammad

Sohail Mohammad: Sohail gained knowledge on health conditions and complications from his first job as a medical transcriptionist at STS Consortium Limited. He used to transcribe the audio records of Americans Doctors about their patients into written copies for future medical references. The job familiarised him with medical jargon and health issues which interested him to learn about health and well-being.

Much later, Sohail earned a MBA degree from Liverpool John Moore University, but soon realised working for Corporates wasn’t his thing. His father’s death and developing fatty liver problem shifted his interest to work on weight loss and body fitness studies in spare time. Sohail during his high school days used to write articles on local newspaper in the teenage section about pollution and environment. Since 2014, he chose to write on weight loss and belly fat solutions after he founded FitnessNCare.com. [Google+ google.com/+SohailMohammad]

Shirley Ali photo

Shirley Ali: Shirley was always into physical fitness and looking good, specially during her career in television industry as an actress and advertisement model. Her interest in health and well-being grew many fold while doing an ad by NHS on bowel cancer. After winning EastWood Awards 2017 as best actress, she chose to go for a quieter life, and started working as content planner and part-time editor at FitnessNCare.com.   

Our Mission:

We are turning out to be resourceful, always evolving and learning. It is in our best interest to prove the most accurate and relevant information on belly fat solutions that web readers are looking for. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy (no one can), but we try to weed out the non-genuine, unnecessary information that confuse readers, and only focus on the proven practices as par fitness experts which brings in results to burn belly fat fast and safe.

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