Valentine’s Day: A Holiday for Weight Loss, Not Love Handles

Were you feeling glum on Valentine’s Day? Couldn’t meet the weight loss targets you set for yourself earlier this year? Now, who cares about Valentine’s Day when this sadness and depression hitting a toll, and dragging the positivism down from your life. We better talk about few simple weight loss techniques that will help you … Read more

Tips to Lose Fat like a Pro

Fat is stubborn. It never wants to let you go. You have to pull it off with force. Since pulling it off is difficult, as it sticks to you like glue, you will have to be strong willed. You need to take steps to show it the exit door and firmly tell it to get … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Belly Fat Permanently?

Now that’s a question which perplexes everybody. You must have seen the movie ‘300’ and wondered what those guys did to get an impressive set of abs. Well certainly it’s not a mystery; it takes hard work, dedication, and motivation. Even if you are too lazy to follow the rigorous workout regimen of Gerard Butler, … Read more

How to Eliminate the Fat in Your Legs

Nowadays everybody wants to slim down and burn fat or build muscle but the majority focus on getting a flatter stomach, bigger biceps, and larger pectoral muscles. Many people just want to tone their body so that they can fit in a particular piece of apparel; but what most people forget or rather ignore is … Read more