Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

To comply with the FTC policy and guidelines, we,, state the following information for our users’ awareness:

Besides linking our articles to authority websites to acknowledge the sources of information used, like clinical studies, we do sometimes, link out to few reliable merchants’ websites who compensate us with a small commission for recommending useful dietary supplements. The number of articles link out to these reputed suppliers are fairly few compared to the vast majority of information provided on our website.

We assure you the price you pay for any supplement you buy with our recommendations is the listed retail price, and you are not paying anything in excess. Infact our recommendations would help you to make the informed buying decisions, incase you chose to go for using any supplement.

Please note, our first priority is always to provide expert approved valuable information and resources to enrich your knowledge in losing unhealthy excess body fat in a safe manner. In any case we are recommending any dietary supplement, we do so after reviewing the products in detail; analysing the ingredients, formula, benefits, results and possible side effects reported by other users.

We do always advice to consult with your Doctors prior to using any supplement, incase you have any medical condition, and need different opinion. Your health is what we value more.

Your approval on this matter assist us managing this website better, and help us adding more values for the sake of our readers. Thank you, in advance for your support.

We hope this disclosure shows our intent to run honest and reputable business.