Instant Knockout Review, Ingredients, Benefits and Possible Side Effects

Aside from Roar Ambition’s somewhat cheesy marketing, the eponymous company behind the product has developed something quite remarkable: a fat-loss product which it claims comes with practically no-side effects or interactions with medications. While we take a more cautious approach (and would prefer to say that Instant Knockout *probably* has no off-target effects), there’s no … Read more

Testogen Review and Results – Everything About My Experience With This Testosterone Booster

Testosterone deficiency can happen to anyone. However, as you age, it is common that testosterone levels sink beneath a desirable range. In fact, according to Al and J McBride, in a 2016 study-based publication named “Testosterone deficiency in the aging male” (1), it has been ascertained that by age 58, testosterone levels will have fallen … Read more

PrimeShred Review, Ingredients, Benefits And Possible Side Effects

PrimeShred is a male-focused fat burner that is focused on helping shred fat, get lean and transform your body. It’s been specifically formulated to help men drop the fat percentage in their body and to help encourage lean muscle growth. But how effective is this product? With clinically back ingredients, as well as being vegetarian … Read more

Capsicum – Weight Loss Benefits And Side Effects

Name: Capsicum annum Common Name: Capsicum Function: Burns fat with the help of capsinoids and is responsible for weight loss Supplement uses: Ingredients in Fat Burners, dietary supplements, etc What is Capsicum? Capsicum annuum is the name given to all pepper varieties, except for black pepper. All Capsicum peppers have capsaicin in varying amounts. Capsaicin is … Read more