Cayenne Pepper – Benefits And Side Effects

What is Cayenne Pepper? Cayenne Pepper is a cultivar of Capsicum an herb which is selectively bred for its unique characteristics and spicy taste. It is closely related to the other cultivars of Capsicum such as jalapenos, bell pepper, and paprika. Cayenne Peppers are a common ingredient in spicy cuisine such as Mexican and South … Read more

Acetyl L-Carnitine: How It Works, Benefits, Clinical Studies And Side Effects

What is Acetyl L-Carnitine? Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is an amino acid, and the acetylated form of L-Carnitine. It is produced naturally in the body and is also available as dietary supplements. The human body can convert Acetyl L-Carnitine to carnitine and vice versa. The major role of acetyl L-carnitine is the production of energy. In … Read more

OxyELITE Pro Review

Before you decide on taking a fat loss supplement, it is recommended to take a look at what you will be ingesting in your body. Some supplements are designed for people who are morbidly obese, while others are for casual dieters trying to maintain their physique. Knowing this difference is sometimes very important because of … Read more

Clenbuterol vs Clenbutrol

The drug known as Clenbuterol is primarily a bronchodilator designed for treating people who suffer from any breathing disorders (chronic asthma is an example). Although its main function is breathing disorder treatment, Clenbuterol has also been widely famous in the market as a fat-loss supplement, for which its usage has rapidly increased over the years. … Read more

Glucomannan – Weight Loss Benefits And Side Effects

What is Glucomannan? It is a dietary fiber which naturally occurs in roots of elephant yams and orchids, as well as conifers. It is water soluble and is known to play an effective role as a weight loss supplement. Glucomannan constitutes 40% of the dry weight of elephant yams and has been commonly used in … Read more