Tips to Lose Fat like a Pro

young guy standing with a baseball

Fat is stubborn. It never wants to let you go. You have to pull it off with force. Since pulling it off is difficult, as it sticks to you like glue, you will have to be strong willed. You need to take steps to show it the exit door and firmly tell it to get off your body. If that is ever going to happen, you have to seek the knowledge of a pro. The expert will know exactly what you need to undertake to rid your body of fat for good. Here is what the pro advises you do:

1.     Empty Out the Kitchen

When was the last time you took a peak into your pantry or fridge and took something not so healthy out to eat? When you put sweet and starchy fats in your mouth, you are feeding the fat and helping it stay alive. You have to empty the fat’s life source by giving all the junk food away. If those types of snacks stay in your kitchen, walking away from them won’t be that easy, unless you have determination of steel.

2.     Two in One Cardio Exercises

Should you perform interval training or steady state cardio training? Which cardio exercise will increase fat loss? That is certainly food for thought. So, which one will it be?

The pro says do both!  In the steady state, you will lose more fat, as the session will be longer whereas in the interval training, your metabolism will go haywire and the fat oxidation rates will increase.

When you combine both these cardio exercises together, you get a formula for success. If you have it in you and the pro says you do, you will do both, starting with intervals and finishing the cardio session with steady state training.

3.     Perform One Full Body Workout Each Week

Hey, pro, are you sure, this is the best way to go? Even though people will question your choice of choosing full body workout over body part split training, you will have your reasons to defend your choice. According to the pro, full body workouts are a great way to rev up your metabolism with each workout.

During the week, you can rest and let your body reap in the gains of a full body workout. With body part split training, you will hit each muscle group, but you will find yourself working out more to do it.

If you want, you can combine the two. Perform one full body workout, one lower body workout, and one upper body workout each week. The pro says to lift weights in whatever workout routine you choose, as without the weights, the body fat will stay.

4.     Make Green Tea Your Choice of Beverage

In order to cut fat effectively, you need to rely on green tea regularly. Green tea will act like an ally in your fight against stubborn fat. Drinking green tea will increase your metabolic process, enabling you to burn calories regularly. The fact that it also contains anti-oxidants is another reason you should make it your favorite beverage.

Furthermore, you can carry on with the intense workouts and not worry about tissue damage, as green tea will heal any tissue damage that occurs during your grueling sessions in the gym spent lifting weight and doing cardio.

5.     Consume Foods High in Carbs for Two Days Each Week

Your life needs balance. Therefore, the pro will not tolerate any kind of extremism when it comes down to exercising and dieting. People who neglect carbs completely will do more harm to their bodies than good. Here is a lowdown on what will happen to your body if you restrict your carb intake:

The levels of leptin will decrease, crashing down hard and fast. Your hunger levels will skyrocket, your metabolism will take a nosedive, and stories about your misery will be sang and written.

The only way to end your misery is to eat foods high in carbs for two days of each week. The fat bundled up safely inside your body will not suspect a thing. To your body, carbs never went extinct. On those two days, ensure you do not eat anything else high in carbs or then there goes your diet!

6.     Sleep on It

Turn off the TV, stop browsing online, or making payment to your boiler gas engineer and just go to sleep. If you do not get sufficient amounts of sleep, your insulin sensitivity will reduce, blocking the entry of glucose to go from your blood and into your cell. Your poor cells will starve, and they will take revenge. Your sugar cravings will increase and your workouts will be lousy. Like the pro, you should go to bed an hour earlier than you normally do.

7.     Increase Your Protein Consumption

Don’t like chicken or beef? Well, if you are not a vegetarian or a vegan, and this may be a bitter pill to swallow, you need to increase your protein intake. Mainly, your protein intake will consist of chicken so this is some good news for people who do not like beef.

If you want to calm the rumblings in your stomach, increase your protein intake by ten to twenty percent. During your workout, your body will burn those calories off. More importantly, without proper amounts of protein in your diet, you will suffer a great loss in muscle mass, and then down the line, even a greater loss, a slow performing metabolism.

8.     Eat Single Ingredient Food

Switching to eating single ingredient food will help you lose fat. By following the single ingredient rule strictly, you will eliminate all processed food from your body. Unhealthy and processed foods have only one aim to stop you from losing fat and make you feel sick.

Will you listen to the pro or you will keep fueling the growth of fat? What will it be? The pro wants an answer! You can answer the pro by following these eight tips and lose the fat for good!