5:2 Fast Diet: Giving You “Fast” Results

5:2 Diet is a diet that makes you feel younger and live longer. This diet will help you shed the pounds and help you get back in your skinny jeans.

5:2 fast diet

5:2 Fast Diet: A Dieter’s Dream

Are you trying to lose weight? You have probably tried a lot of diets in the past and you have even gone hungry by skipping meals, but nothing worked. So, you began to skip meals and you did lose a lot of weight, but once you started eating regularly you gained it all back. Now, you are busy searching for a diet that works.

A new diet called the 5:2 Diet encourages people to intermittent fasting for 2 days of the week and on the remaining 5 days eat anything their stomach desires. Although, it is recommended that they lower their calorie intake, which is 500 for women and 600 for men. This diet truly is a dieter’s dream.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Will you be starving yourself for 2 days? No, intermittent diet will not let you sleep hungry, but it will reduce the amount of food you eat in a day, but only for a short while. If done right, you can lose up to 1 pound (0.46kg) per week, but you have to remember not to overeat on your 5 days.

A Diet with Health Benefits

You are not only losing weight, but you are gaining health as well. 5:2 Diet comes with a lot of health benefits. Intermittent fasting has exhibited an improvement in people’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and insulin sensitivity. Scientists and medical experts have concluded that fasting is like a powerful medicine for your body.

Fast Day Tips

These fast day tips will make your fast days feel like a breeze. At first, you will dread fast days, but with time, it gets easier. Your mood will be off and you will be seconds away from turning into the Hulk, but stay strong because your skinny jeans are waiting for you. These tips will help you get over your fear of fast days.

Tip #1– Choose the days you plan to fast and the meals you plan to eat during those days.

Tip #2– Remember not to stuff your face with food on your days off.

Tip #3– Getting rid of the hunger pangs is easy. Drink warm drinks like coffee and tea to suppress your cravings.

Tip #4– It is important that you include a glass of milk as part of your diet.

Tip# 5- Soups are very filling and low in calories, but avoid sugary snacks.

Tip#6– Eat a lot of green vegetables because they will make you feel full.

Tip#7– Exercise is an important part of every diet and it will help pass time and suppress your hunger.

Be Committed

5:2 fast diet

It is important that you don’t give-up and stick to your 5:2 Diet Plan. On the web, you can find many tasty and delicious recipes that you can eat on your fast days. Dieting works if you’re committed.

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