Citrus Aurantium – Weight Loss Benefits and Side Effects

What is Citrus aurantium? Bitter orange is a plant made from a cross between two different orange species. The fruit is bitter in taste rather than sweet because of its high acidic content. Bitter orange reached the Americas in the 1500s when it was brought along by the Portuguese and the Spanish. It was previously … Read more

Whey Protein Concentrate: How It Works, Benefits, Clinical Studies And Side Effects

What is Whey Protein Concentrate? Whey is a liquid by-product which is formed during the production of cheese from milk. Whey is a 5% solution of lactose and contains a mixture of proteins with lactalbumin and some minerals. Whey protein is available in four typical forms; native whey, hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate. Whey protein concentrate … Read more

Tribulus Terrestris: How Does It Boost Testosterone, Benefits, Dosage And Side Effects

What is Tribulus terrestris? Commonly known as caltrop or bindii, this Mediterranean plant’s leaves, fruits and roots are used in making medicines. Because it is covered in spines, this plant is also called puncture vine. It has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for ages as a treatment for different medical conditions. Benefits of … Read more

Simple Ways to Stay Fit At Home with No-Equipment Exercises

If you are irregular about going to the gym but determined to stay fit, you can choose to exercise at home. Many exercises are simple enough to do for weight loss, without requiring any equipment. If you are up to the challenge, here are exercises which you can incorporate into your daily routine, and become … Read more