Get Ripped Through Outdoor Body Workout

Workout Out DoorWhen the weather is pleasant, you should not stick to working out on those muscles and abs in the gym. Instead, you should have a peek outside to see the beautiful sun shining down.

When the sun is shining bright and its warm rays grace the Earth, you should not limit your workout sessions to the gym, as it is a sign for you to come out of hiding and work up a sweat outside. If you are up for it, wear your exercise gear and come on out.

If you live near a beach, you are in luck. This outdoor body workout to get ripped will be an enjoyable activity, as the waves will swiftly come up to your feet, as you stand in the wet and soft sand, working out every muscle of your body. In case you don’t live near a beach, go to a park or just exercise in your backyard.

The whole point of this outdoor body workout is to get you out of the gym and outside to perform a grueling and satisfying workout.  Are you all set to go? Come on then, follow this get ripped outdoor body workout:

Outdoor Body Workout:  Part One

Perform lunges to challenge the strength and balance of your hips, legs, and core. Next, you will perform squats, which will be a difficult to pull off after the lunges, but you can do it. Squats will work the entire muscles in your legs as well as work to keep your heart rate rising.

The last exercise you will perform in part one is the lateral lunges. Lateral lunges will work out your abductor and adductor muscles. When you are performing lateral lunges, you have to make sure you keep your toes pointing upward, and then lunge deep.

Exercise Duration
Walking Lunges One Minute
Rest for 30 Seconds
Air Squats One Minute
Rest for 30 Seconds
Left Lateral Lunges 30 Seconds
Right Lateral Lunges 30 Seconds
Rest for 30 Seconds
Perform Three Set of Each. Time it will take you to perform part 1 is 13.5 minutes.

Outdoor Body Workout:  Part 2

First, you will perform the high knee run. In the high knee run, place your hands at your waist with your palms down. When you pull up your knees, they should come up to your palms. You can go higher if you can, but be consistent.

Next, you will perform the triceps dips. For this exercise, you will need a bench or a chair. When you perform the triceps dips, outstretch your arms at the top and get them as close to the chair or bench as possible.

Make sure whatever object you are using to perform these exercises is steady and stable, as for the next exercise, that is pushups, you will perform them using the object as support.  Your feet will be on the chair or bench and your hands on the ground. The last exercise you will perform is the mountain climbers.

When you execute this exercise, make sure to pick up speed and perform the crunch into your chest. Even if you slow down in the middle, it will ensure you are getting the complete range of movement.

Exercise Duration
High Knee Run One Minute
Rest for 30 Seconds
Pushups 30 Seconds
Triceps Dips 30 Seconds
Mountain Climbers 30 Seconds
Rest for 30 Seconds
High Knee Run 1 Minute
Rest for 30 Seconds
Perform Two Set of Each. Time it will take you to perform part 2 is 9 minutes.

Outdoor Body Workout:  Part 3

The range you will achieve by performing broad jumps will depend on your athletic ability and height. A range to keep in mind is one to five feet leaping forward. You need to try to achieve a great deal of distance as you can each time you perform it. Rest after each broad jump to recover from the landing.

Burpees is the next exercise you will perform, and it is a tough one. You have to keep the motion going, but you can remove the pushups if your pecs start to feel a little fatigued.

Exercise Duration
Broad Jumps One Minute

Burpees with no jump

One Minute

30 Seconds

Right Side Plank One Minute
Rest for 30 Seconds
Broad Jumps One Minute
Burpees 30 Seconds
Left Side Plank One Minute
Rest for 30 Seconds
Time it will take you to perform part 3 is 6 minutes.

Outdoor Body Workout:  Part 4

Finally, you are on the last part of your demanding outdoor body workout. You will start with broad jumps, jumping over an object. Keep your jumps the same length throughout the jumps, as in doing so, will allow your jumps to be strong and deep.

Your glutes and quadriceps will take all of the heat from the intense broad jumps you perform. If you do not feel the pain now, you will feel it later.  Once you have performed the broad jumps, you need to walk off the pain and do some stretching exercises to relax your muscles and body.

Exercise Duration
Broad Jumps 30 Seconds
Squat Jumps 30 Seconds
Flutter Kicks 30 Seconds
Rest for 30 Seconds
Time it will take you to perform part 4 is 2.5 minutes.

People who are tired of the same routine of going to the gym should break away from it and exercise outdoors in the sun. Obviously, in winters, you will be restricted to working out inside. However, in summers, do not miss the opportunity to go out in the sun and exercise. You will be fresher and feel more alive when you perform exercises outside.

Go ahead and try this get ripped outdoor body workout, as it will be one of the best workouts you have tried in your life. In fact, take some of your friends along with you to organize a group session. Perform this all summer and you will get abs of steel!

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