Weight Loss Questions That Haunt You in Your Sleep

We’ve all got questions on our mind and unfortunately, we may never find the answers to more than half of them. Luckily, if it’s weight-loss related questions that you have, then there’s a good chance that someone somewhere can answer them for you. In this post, we’re going to take a look at all of the common weight loss questions that keep people up at night and answer them.

weight loss questions

1. I’m cutting so many calories but why am I not losing weight?

There could be a number of different reasons why you’re not losing weight despite cutting calories. This is a rather general question and there could be a lot of different causes such as:

  • You’ve not been cutting calories for long enough. You should be reducing the amount you eat for a few weeks before seeing any meaningful weight changes.
  • You’re not correctly counting your calories. Make sure you’re looking at portion sizes in relation to the calories written on the packaging.
  • You’re snacking too much and increasing your calorie count without knowing it.
  • You’re looking too much at your scale. Your weight can fluctuate throughout the day and it’s important that you weigh yourself at the same time each day and over a long period while recording the results to see if you’ve lost weight.
  • You’re eating too few calories which can slow your metabolism and cause your body to go into a starvation mode.
  • You’re not thinking about nutrition. Cutting calories is great for weight loss but you shouldn’t cut out important nutrients like protein.

These are just a couple of reasons why you might not be losing as much weight as you’d like. It’s important to have realistic expectations if you’re serious about your weight loss – there are no shortcuts!

2. I’m exercising every day but I’m still not losing weight, what gives?

Exercising is often a great way to help you burn calories but it’s not the only thing that can cause you to lose weight. It may simply be a case that you’re getting hungrier because of the extra effort you’re putting into your physical activity and this can cause you to slowly consume more throughout the day. Even if it’s a protein bar as a snack or an extra chicken breast for dinner, these calories can quickly add up and cause you to pile on the weight even if you’re working hard and exercising every single day.

You could also be doing the wrong exercises. While cardio is a very common type of exercise (people love running and cycling) it’s not the only way to help you lose weight. For example, strength training is a great way to build up your muscle mass which will help to increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories throughout the day even when you’re not working out or being active. This is why lifting weights is such a great way to help shave pounds off your waistline.

Lastly, you could just have unrealistic expectations. For example, you might not be working hard enough when you’re working out or you might not be working long enough. The target for exercise and working out is to work your muscles but also raise your heart rate and sustain it for a long period of time. This is otherwise known as targeting your “fat burn zone” which is a heart rate that is around 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. By sustaining your heart rate at this level during exercise, you’ll start to burn more weight.

3. Why can’t I cut my food cravings?

The desire to eat is often fueled by our body and there could be certain responses from the brain that actually convince us to eat. For instance, you might eat certain foods because you want a feeling of comfort, or it could be due to hormone changes. Cutting cravings will depend on the reason the cravings exist in the first place, so here are a few things to look out for.

  • Cravings can be triggered by stress, so if you feel particularly distressed then finding ways to combat that issue first will help you reduce your cravings.
  • Drinking more water can help you feel more full and will also help to reduce your cravings. Water is also very beneficial to the body, so this is a win-win situation. Try to drink enough water so that your urine is almost clear whenever you visit the toilet. This is a sign that you’re hydrated and drinking enough water.
  • Sleep can help to balance the hormones in our body and can also help us eat less. Overeating often happens late at night when we’re craving a snack, so getting enough sleep is great for cutting down your calorie intake and also ensuring you’re getting plenty of rest to stay healthy.
  • Starving yourself can often cause you to have more food cravings. Instead of eating large meals infrequently, consider eating smaller amounts throughout the day to keep your metabolism going and to also prevent the possibility of overeating.
  • Cravings are bound to happen even if you’re healthy and looking after your body. As a result, you may want to replace your cravings with healthier options. For instance, replace sweets with fruit and if you want some chocolate, consider options with less sugar such as dark chocolate.

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4. I can never stick to a diet, what gives?

This is likely because you’re in the mindset of a diet meaning that you’re only expected to make changes to the foods you eat for a short period of time. The reality is that diets should be long-term commitments that you stick to for a long time. Only then will you notice bigger changes to your health and your body.

With that said, if a diet doesn’t interest you or you think that you’re not going to be able to stick with those food and exercise choices for long then it’s best to find a diet plan that you’re willing to commit to for a longer period of time.

woman on weight scale measuring her weight after waking up from sleep in the morning

5. What Weight Loss Supplements Will Fasten the Weight Loss?

For some people dieting and exercise is not a quick fix to lose weight. Thus they look for fat loss supplements that will help them lose the weight faster. Plus, you probably want a weight loss supplement that is genuine, natural, and guarantees fast results.

There are supplements that function as metabolism boosters, and natural diet pills. They help you strengthen your immune system, enhance your metabolic rate, boost your digestion system, suppress your appetite, and assists in calorie burning. Be sure to ask your doctor before taking any diet supplements.

Now, you can get a good night’s sleep and start maintaining a healthy lifestyle.