PhenQ Review (2020), Ingredients, Results, Possible Side Effects & Buyer’s Guide

With obesity on the rise worldwide, there is an increasing demand for interventions that can help people lose weight, tone up and get healthy. And while we’re still waiting for a killer, do-it-all product to hit the market that will melt away the fat no matter how decadent a person’s lifestyle, there are already several powerful fat burners out there with scientifically-verified results.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at PhenQ, a non-steroidal fat burner that the company behind it claims can yield impressive weight loss results. PhenQ recently won our coveted Editor’s Choice award thanks to its multiple methods of action and somewhat unique approach to the concept of weight loss.

PhenQ customer reviews

What’s so interesting about PhenQ is the ethos behind it. Rather than just targeting biological fat burning mechanisms in the body (like some other supplements do), its creators realized that weight loss was just as much a product of the mind as it was the body. Yes, people are overweight because they eat the wrong things and don’t want to go out and exercise, but the company probed the issue deeper by asking why they eat the wrong things, and why they don’t want to go out and exercise.

PhenQ’s makers reasoned that there might be some naturally-occurring ingredients out there that could make people feel more energetic and happier, and hoped that putting them into its fat burner would foster greater activity levels and discourage emotional comfort eating.

The result of that effort is PhenQ, a product that not only contains many of the usual fat-burning suspects (like caffeine) but also a range of wellbeing-enhancing ingredients too that put people in a positive frame of mind. It’s this holistic approach that makes PhenQ so exciting: rarely does a supplement manufacturer think so deeply and comprehensively about the multifaceted process of losing weight. But its creators appear to have come up trumps, offering an easy-to-pop pill that provides all-around assistance in a person’s weight loss effort.

PhenQ reviews

What Is PhenQ?

So what exactly is PhenQ? PhenQ is a popular weight loss supplement manufactured by US and UK-based Wolfson Berg Limited that has so far been used by more than 190,000 people in the US alone, according to the company’s website. The product works through multiple biological and psychological channels, targeting both innate fat burning mechanisms, satiety, insulin sensitivity, and mental wellbeing to produce a global effect on weight loss in as few as 30 days.

Wolfson Berg put considerable thought into how they might create fat burning synergies with PhenQ. PhenQ is much more than a simple caffeine pill – it’s a combination of carefully selected ingredients which support one another in a person’s quest for fat loss. Some ingredients boost metabolic rate, others block new fat production while others help to improve mood and energy levels.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of PhenQ is the fact that it is made in an FDA-regulated production facility – something which is sorely lacking in broad swathes of the weight loss supplement industry. With PhenQ you know that you’re getting a pure, 100 percent legal product, free from contamination and which contains the ingredients that the manufacturer claims it does.

Who Is It For?

Unlike many fat burners on the market, PhenQ isn’t going after the fitness or bodybuilding market. Instead, it’s pitching itself as a weight loss pill for everyone: something that could potentially make a dent in the national obesity rate. It’s for the average man or woman who feels that he or she is overweight and needs some assistance to lose stubborn unwanted pounds.

The company touts PhenQ as a one-stop-shop for weight loss. Comments like “ditch the other diet pills – all you need is PhenQ,” make the company’s intentions clear. PhenQ, the company hopes, will make the process of losing weight straightforward, simple and negates the need for spending money on multiple products. In essence, they’re going after the convenience market, targeting people who want a do-it-all product that they can buy on subscription without having to think about it. Busy professionals, look out!

PhenQ Benefits

  • Targets both the body and mind. Targets the body through inhibiting fat deposition and boosting basal metabolic rate and the mind through boosting energy and feelings of well-being
  • Doesn’t contain any banned or illegal substances – it is competition-safe
  • Blocks the body from creating new fat cells
  • Backed by science – research shows that the average person lost 7.24 percent of their body fat and 3.44 percent of their body weight
  • Doesn’t sacrifice muscle mass – research shows that the average user increases their muscle mass by 3.8 percent.
  • Curbs cravings through multiple mechanisms
  • Improves mood and energy levels
  • FDA-regulated ensuring high production standards

How Does PhenQ Work?

As we discussed, earlier, PhenQ is a unique and intelligent product because it targets both body and mind. Wolfson Berg realized that it needed something that was more than merely pharmacological to induce weight loss: they had to adjust the way people felt during fat burning. It had to be a positive process that people could enjoy.

As such, it makes sense to split the way PhenQ works into two broad categories: one physiological and the other psychological (although there is, of course, some significant overlap).

Physiological Mechanisms Of Action


The creators of PhenQ wanted to cover all bases, ensuring that their product had the regular complement of fat burning aids in addition to some unique modes of action. Many fat burning tablets try to induce some degree of thermogenesis to boost fat mobilization, and PhenQ is no different. PhenQ contains naturally-derived ingredients which seek to raise the body’s basal metabolic rate, increase body temperature and boost energy consumption while idle. The way that they induce thermogenesis is safe and the supplement will not produce the dire side-effects that were seen in some people after using the now-banned substance, clenbuterol.

Fat Production Blocking

Laying down new fat is all too easy in today’s fat- and sugar-laden food environment. Cakes, cookies, chips, and candies are all dirt cheap and available practically everywhere. Avoiding them altogether is a challenge.

Rather than expect people to avoid these foods altogether, PhenQ comes with ingredients which actively fight fat deposition. PhenQ is understandably secretive about how it achieves this (it uses a secret blend of ingredients code-named a-Lacy’s Reset), but the basic idea is that there are naturally-occurring chemicals in nature which interrupt the body’s attempts to lay down new fat cells. Piperine, a major constituent of black pepper, is included in PhenQ because of its anti-fat-deposition action.

Appetite Suppression

Thanks to the modern food environment, many people suffer from chronic appetite dysregulation. Fat, sugar, salt, and high quantities of meat disrupt the body’s innate ability to sense calories, making people feel like they need to eat even though plenty of energy is available. Like other fat burners on the market, PhenQ helps people lose weight was by preventing hunger cravings in the first place, reducing the chances that a person might reach for unhealthy foods.

PhenQ’s appetite suppression mechanisms are sophisticated. The supplement relies on ingredients which help the body better sense how many calories have been consumed. It also comes with a hefty dose of fiber too, something that researchers have known for a long time inhibits hunger signals from the stomach.

Psychological Mechanisms Of Action

Boost Energy Levels

Dieting can take its toll on energy levels. Long-term caloric deficits encourage the body to reduce its expenditure of energy to preserve fat reserves, leaving a person feeling drained and listless. Smart fat burner manufacturers realized a long time ago that these feelings might not only slow down the weight loss process but actively work against it by making a person feel terrible. The solution was to include ingredients in PhenQ that would boost energy, inducing physical activity which, in turn, would increase energy expenditure.

So how does PhenQ do it? The solution was to include stimulants (of course), but also other ingredients, including specific amino acids, which can help the body mobilize existing fat stores, preventing dips in energy levels. By enabling people to access their fat stores, PhenQ hopes to avoid significant drops in perceived energy levels, even when restricting calories to the bare minimum.

Improve Mood

A person’s state of mind can have a profound effect on the decisions that they make. A happy, energetic person is much more likely to eat well and train hard than someone who is worn out and depressed.

PhenQ was designed with this in mind. PhenQ includes a range of ingredients that enhance mood and prevent cravings. Anti-inflammatory ingredients help to reduce inflammation in the brain, and free-radical-scavenging compounds in some of the plant-based ingredients modulate the body’s inflammatory response to a low-energy environment. The bottom line? A happier, healthier dieter.

PhenQ customer reviews from Australia, Canada, USA.

PhenQ Ingredients Explained

According to the manufacturer, they have observed exceptional PhenQ results. Specifically, this is delivered through the combined efforts of the individual ingredients, which were previously only available in separate pills. When you purchase PhenQ, you will receive a bottle with 60 pills. Each pill contains:

Calcium Carbonate ingredient in PhenQ helps to burn fat and lose weight

Calcium Carbonate (625 mg). Calcium is very important for the bones, but it can also help create and sustain a healthy weight. A number of studies have shown that it encourages cells to use energy, rather than store fat. Essentially, it tells the cells that the body no longer has to store any fat, as there is no upcoming food shortage. In fact, a six-month study demonstrated that obese adults who took calcium supplements lost more weight than those who didn’t.

L-Carnitine Furmarate (142 mg). L-Carnitine fumarate is an amino acid found primarily in red meat. Its mode of action is quite convoluted. When you start exercising your body breaks down glycogen (long chains of glucose in the muscles and liver) into glucose. The glucose then gets shuttled to the energy-producing organelles of the cell – the mitochondria. Once glycogen stores are depleted, as they are regularly during caloric restriction, then new enzymes come into play which break down glycerol into fatty acids that the body can use for energy – a process which depends on adequate levels of l-carnitine in the cell. PhenQ, therefore, could potentially boost your body’s ability to mobilize fat (1).

Capsimax powder (15.5 mg). Capsimax powder is a trademark term to describe a mix of food-derived ingredients that have potential fat burning action. Capsicum pepper, an ingredient in Capsimax, has strong thermogenic properties (as you will know if you’ve ever tried to eat a chili whole) and has been shown in studies to induce natural, clinically-significant weight loss (2). Piperine, also in Capsimax, we discussed earlier may be able to block the formation of new fat cells (3). Capsimax also contains niacin and caffeine, discussed above.

Chromium Picolinate (80 mcg). Chromium picolinate works in conjunction with nopal to improve satiety but does so through an alternate mechanism. While nopal attempts to make people feel fuller for longer by stuffing their stomachs with fiber, chromium picolinate does so by helping the body better control blood sugar levels. Research by Cornell University shows that chromium picolinate supplementation could reduce appetite by improving insulin sensitivity (4). The more sensitive cells are to the action of insulin, the easier they find it to take up glucose from the bloodstream and get the energy that they need, reducing innate hunger.

Caffeine Anhydrous (150 mg). Caffeine is practically ubiquitous across the weight loss supplement industry. Not only is it a relatively cheap ingredient, but it’s also effective at increasing alertness and bolstering a person’s resistance against fatigue, especially when they’re not eating as much as they usually would (5). Caffeine stimulates the brain and body to increase the release of hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine which act to raise basal metabolic rate, helping a person to burn more calories, even while idle.

Nopal cactus ingredient in PhenQ helps to lose weight

Nopal (20 mg). While l-carnitine helps the body to mobilize existing fat stores, nopal – a cactus high in fiber – attempts to reduce weight through another, complementary channel – by assisting the user in feeling full. Nopal is a rich amino acid can help reduce water retention and help quickly firm the body.

α-LACYS RESET® (25 mg). Finally, PhenQ keeps some cards close to its chest. The product does contain secret ingredients which the company behind PhenQ claims makes it the best weight loss supplement on the market. We agree with them on that point – but it would still be nice to know their trade secrets. So far we came to know a bit, like it contains cysteine and alpha lipoic acid, which synergistically work together to control cell reduction and oxidation balance. In simple terms, this ingredient works by boosting metabolism and this has been scientifically proven. Scientific studies have shown that those who used α-LACYS RESET® lost 7.24% of their body fat and 3.44% of their body weight, while increasing their muscle mass by 3.80%. Here are some graphs according to the scientific study, showing the effectiveness of using PhenQ:

  • Lost up to 3.44% of their total body weight
  • Lost up to 7.42% of their total body fat
  • Enhanced their muscle mass by 3.80%
Body weight loss percentage after using PhenQ diet pills
Graph: Body weight loss with PhenQ
Fat percentage loss with PhenQ
GraphFat loss percentage

So does PhenQ work? It sure does, according to scientific studies as well as thousands of reviewers.

Are There Any PhenQ Side Effects?

PhenQ is associated with some possible side effects, although none of them are dangerous. In fact, some will even improve your health. These include the following:

  • The calcium carbonate content and the fiber in Nopal can mean that people who are prone to constipation may experience some difficulties.
  • You will feel quite thirsty, mainly due to the thermogenic effects of PhenQ. However, this is a healthy side effect as it will make you drink more water, which in turn means that you eat less and that you are better able to flush out toxins from your body.
  • Some people have noticed slight anxiousness and jitteriness during the first few days of taking the supplement, although this goes away quite quickly.

So is PhenQ safe? Absolutely!

Who Is The Target Market For PhenQ?

If you take a look at the PhenQ website, it’s clear that the product targets both men and women. PhenQ isn’t some bodybuilding supplement that brave members of the general public can try out for their own fat loss goals: it’s targeted specifically at everyday people who want to lose excess body weight.

If you take a trip to the company’s website, you can play with a graphic that shows how visually weight loss might proceed over the course of six months. The people in the graphic aren’t ripped bodybuilders or athletes: they’re regular people with regular bodies. It’s a humanizing touch this is likely to appeal to the vast quantity of people out there who aren’t in the gym every day and who don’t live off broccoli and brown rice.

PhenQ Before After Results

Take a look at these before and after photos of people who have used PhenQ. Whereas before, people look bloated and puffy, after they are considerably more ripped and lean.

Ghislain R., age 31, lost 11lbs in just 1 month!

PhenQ before after results of Ghislain, he lost 11 lbs in just 1 month.

Valerie O., age 31, lost 20lbs in 5 months!

Valerie O. lost 20lbs using PhenQ fat burner

April R., age 35, lost 20lbs in just 3 months!

With PhenQ weight loss pills April R. Lost 20lbs

A Look At Some Of PhenQ Customer Reviews

Ghislain R., 31:

After trying countless diets and lifestyle changes without success, PhenQ helped me lose weight when nothing else worked. I lost 14 lbs in 9 weeks!*

Nicola D., 36:

Started seeing results after just two weeks and lost 14lbs, 11.5 inches in waist and went from a UK size 12 to 10. I lost 20 lbs in 5 months!*

Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules/serving in a bottle? There are 60 pills in a single bottle, providing 30 servings to last you a month.

How to Take It. Take two tablets per day, one with breakfast and another with lunch. It is important not to take it at night, because you could find it more difficult to get to sleep because of the increased energy level.

Can I take it with my prescription medications? It depends on which prescription medications that you are using. Caffeine, for instance, may interact unfavorably with theophylline.

Is it for vegetarians? Yes. PhenQ is made from 100% non-vegan ingredients and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Does it contain stimulants? Yes. PhenQ contains caffeine, equivalent of one-and-half cup of coffee.

Is it Legal? Yes. PhenQ does not contain any banned substances like in phentermine or steroids. It is competition-safe.

How long should I take it for? Up to six months. The time line actually depends on how much you need to lose weight. For example, if you want to lose more than 20 lbs, then you better order the three bottles, as this will last you five months (two bottles come free when you buy three) and should be sufficient for that type of weight loss.

When to Expect Results? As soon as one month.

How to boosts the results? PhenQ isn’t a magic pill: it can’t fully counteract a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. To get the most out of PhenQ supplementation, eat a range of whole plant foods like beans, nuts, greens, and exercise regularly, three to five times per week.

Where is it Popular? PhenQ is most popular in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States.

What We Don’t Love About PhenQ

While PhenQ is a fabulous product, there are some niggles that we’d like to address.

  • It can only be bought through the company website. No third-party sellers available
  • Comes with minor side effects like jitteriness for some users who are caffeine sensitive.
  • It can be costly unless you take advantage of multi-buy discounts

What We Love About PhenQ

Rapid Delivery. PhenQ can be delivered to UK- and US-based customers next day

Free Delivery. PhenQ includes postage in the asking price, so no nasty surprises.

FDA-Regulated. The supplement industry can be a minefield: with most vendors, you can never be sure of exactly what you’re getting. The company behind PhenQ is entirely open about its operations and operates the only FDA-approved fat burner facility in the US.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with PhenQ, or it just doesn’t seem to be working, there is a 60-day no-quibble money-back guarantee. With their money-back guarantee, you have 67 days to post back your order in the original packaging for a full refund.

Discounts On Bulk Purchases. The more PhenQ you buy, the more money you save over the long-term: it’s that simple.

Suitable For Vegetarians and Vegans. PhenQ contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Does Not Interfere With Oral Contraceptives. Great for women.

Who Should Use PhenQ, And Why?

PhenQ is targeted at the general public: Mr and Mrs average who would like to lose weight but feel like they need a bit of extra support. PhenQ is for people who need to lose weight in general, whether for improved health or better appearance.

Buyer’s Guide

PhenQ review

Where can you buy PhenQ from? Right now, you can only buy from the official website.

How much does the delivery cost? Free next day delivery in the US and UK.

When will you receive your order? Within 24-hours if you’re a customer in the US or UK

What if you don’t like PhenQ? Can you get a refund? Yes, PhenQ offers a full 60-day no-quibble refund policy.

How to Get PhenQ for less money. Currently, you can get an £8 ($10) saving on a single bottle of PhenQ, bringing the price down to just £45.95 ($69.95). If you buy two bottles for £91.90 ($139.90), you can get a third free, saving £70 ($100).

Finally, if you buy three bottles, you can get two free, and a free Advana Cleanse for just £129.95 ($189.95), saving over £140 ($210.00) off the full retail price.

PhenQ Review 2020: Final Words

It must be said that PhenQ is one of the most exciting weight loss supplements to hit the industry in many years. Not only does it offer the usual plethora of fat burning ingredients, but it also attempts to change the way the user feels about the weight loss process. Although PhenQ is not alone in trying to boost well-being and energy levels, it certainly does so exceptionally well, which is why we awarded it our Editor’s Choice. The combination of a range of mind-lifting and fat burning ingredients make this decision a no-brainer. It is 100% recommended!

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