Man Scorch Review

Man Scorch Review

Among the large number of fat loss stimulants, Man Scorch is another fat burner that is laying claim to being the best in the market when it comes to weight loss pills. Unfortunately, that claim is yet to be substantiated from anywhere else other than its own website, where it is referred to as a reliable supplement for weight loss. This claim will be tested as part of this Man Scorch Review.

The company behind Man Scorch is a relatively small company that goes by the name of Man. MAN stands for Metabolic Augmentation Nutrition. Unlike other supplements in the market, Man Scorch is hand produced.

The supplement is typically used by aggressive body builders, and this Man Scorch Review will take a look at just how reliable it really is.

What’s Inside the Pill?

The formula of a supplement is a good way to begin a review since it gives the user an idea of what the supplement is actually made up of. Man Scorch was only recently rebranded and reproduced after one of its ingredients was declared illegal.  One serving of the supplement contains:

Man Scorch bottle
  • Ginger Root 50mg
  • Green Tea Extract 250mg
  • Synephrine 20mg
  • Oolong Tea 250mg
  • Phenylethylamine 150mg
  • Raspberry Ketones 125mg
  • Evodiamine 50mg
  • Caffeine 200mg
  • Isobutryl Thiamine Disulfide 150mg
  • Bioperine 5mg

Studies have shown that the use of Oolong and Green Tea can accelerate the speed of weight loss in a person and the fact that the two have been combined as part of the group of ingredients used in Man Scorch increases its reputation as an effective fat burner. However, the high caffeine amount is a little alarming, especially for people who have trouble sleeping well at night.

Is it worth the Hype?

The hype that has been surrounding Man Scorch has been quietly building up. If there is one takeaway from the hype, it is that a popular supplement must be doing something right to be loved like this. The ingredients used in the supplement are up to the mark. Using caffeine with green tea is good combination to accelerate healthy weight loss.

Its website has made tall claims regarding the supplement, but they are yet to be proven scientifically. Whether it is any good or not largely depends on the physique, tolerance and lifestyle of the individual using it.

What is it made up of?

An important part of this Man Scorch review is, understanding what the supplement contains and how each one of them stacks up. The supplement is made up of a total of 2 diuretics, 10 ingredients and 8 stimulants. The stimulants used in the supplement are able to stack together, which helps them work in conjunction with one another. This not only increases its effectiveness, but the use of diuretics helps the body shed its excessive water weight. Unfortunately, this can result in a nagging light sweat even if it does help the body shed its bloated look.

What are the Pros of Using It?

Man Scorch supplements are showered with considerable praise, according to the makers of the supplement, some of the pros of the supplement include:

  • Having a Money Back Guarantee
  • The supplements ability to target different aspects of weight management
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Helps you lose fat in quick time

The advantages will depend largely on the place where the supplement is bought from and the type of the user. Not everyone can make the most of the drug because it depends on the tolerance level of the user.

How do you consume It?

The suggested use section on the official website for Man Scorch advises the user take three capsules of the supplement, twice on an empty stomach each day. The first batch of the supplement needs to be taken in the early hours of the morning and the second batch for the day should be consumed after lunch but before 4pm. Taking the a batch after the 4pm deadline can hamper your sleep because of the excessive amount of caffeine as already mentioned in the Man Scorch Review.

What are the Side Effects of Using It?

Some of the side effects that are experienced by users, who make use of this supplement include.

  • Bad Breath
  • Hyperactivity
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Mild Sweat
  • Dry Mouth
  • Taking it at night may keep you awake at night

Man Scorch Review highlights that there are a number of different side effects of using this supplement. The fact that 8 stimulants are made to work together outlines the fact that there are bound to be some side effects. The excessive use of caffeine in the supplement for example can cause trouble for people who intake it at night. There are also certain harmful side effects of using this supplement but on the balance on probabilities their chances are very low. Not having a healthy diet to complement the weight loss pill will increase the chances of side effects.

The makers have on their part,  recommended that the user immediately go to a doctor in case any side effect starts to bother them persistently. Man Scorch review recommends a healthy diet to use with this drug to offset some of its side effects.


Man Scorch on the face of it is a little hyped. Despite the fact that there are some side effects that can persist, on the whole the supplement appears to have some promise. Its money back guarantee is a major boost for any prospective buyers.

If you are looking to burn your fat, this is one of the many fat burners in the market, but only a select few are given the chance of featuring in the best fat burner list and if you are looking to lose fat and lose it fast, these fat burners can be your salvation.