13 Healthy Sources of Clean Protein

Do you have any idea of what you are putting in your stomach? You may try to load yourself on protein, but is all of it safe? You do not know the answer to that, as most people do not bother learning about how their food is prepared.

Well then, it is time to open your eyes to help you make the right choice when it comes to consuming protein.

Your Eye Opener Example

  • Did you know apples contain forty-two pesticides?
  • Did you know green beans contain forty-four pesticides?
  • Did you know chickens and cows have a hormone injected into them to make them gain weight quicker?

Farmers who practice unconventional farming methods use chemical fertilizers such as herbicides and pesticides on crops.  Imagine putting a load of chemicals in your body! For this reason, you should always buy organically farmed meat, vegetables, and fruits. So, switch to eating clean protein to make a healthy lifestyle change:

1.    Almonds

Almonds as a snack during the day are a great choice of clean protein. They contain fiber, healthy fats, and protein. In order to digest almonds easily, you can place a handful of them in water, letting them soak during the night, and peel their skins off in the morning.

2.    Spirulina

Spirulina is pure protein, containing sixty-five to seventy-one percent of protein in its organic form. Out of all the unprocessed food, spirulina has the highest percentage of protein. Another benefit of including spirulina in your high protein diet is that it is eighty-five to ninety-five percent digestible.

You have to ensure you buy or pick spirulina from a fresh and clean body of water. Spirulina growing in water visited by boats is unhealthy, as it can easily absorb mercury and lead from its environment.  If you develop a taste for spirulina, it can be your primary source of protein.

3.    Fish

You want to buy freshly caught fish and not fishes grown in a farm. Farmed fishes often fall ill, have a poor and unnatural diet, and lack sufficient amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. If you want to include fish into your diet, find a store, which sells fishes they have just caught. You can also purchase sea fishes, as they are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This is especially important for people who eat fish on a daily basis to follow.

4.    Quinoa

Quinoa, a grain, tastes delicious and you do not have to be a master chef to cook it either. If you do not know anything about cooking, but want to fill yourself up with healthy and clean protein, you will be delighted to know that quinoa is all protein. You can also try buckwheat, as it has the same properties and benefits as quinoa.

5.    Cage Free Eggs

Eggs are such a great source of protein that people eat them raw. They smash eggs in a grinder, grind them into a shake, and then they gulp it down. If you gag a little about eating raw eggs, you do not have to eat them raw, but you do have to purchase cage free eggs.

Cage free eggs are digestible and contain riboflavin, folic acids, pantothenic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin E, thiamine, phosphorus, and biotin. So, what are cage free eggs anyways? Cage free eggs belong to chickens who are allowed to run outside of the playpen.

6.    Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds contain 65% protein, and all of its protein is found in the globular protein edestin. Your body can easily digest, absorb, and utilize hemp seeds due to globular protein edestin. Hemp, itself, contains thirty percent of protein.

7.    Chia Seeds

If you have not had your fill of proteins during the day, you can cook chia seeds to get your daily amount of protein. Chia seeds are digestible, have anti-inflammatory properties, manganese, and dietary fiber. If you do not want to cook chia seeds, even though they are easier to cook, you can purchase chia seeds pudding, which you can eat for breakfast.

8.    Whey Powder

Whey powder is the second highest source of protein after milk. Whey powder is included in meal replacement powders, and all you have to do is add it in milk or water. Best of all, it contains all the important amino acids such as isoleucine, glutamine, valine, and leucine. Before you buy it, ensure it is natural, hormone free, and grass-fed.

9.   Lentils

Lentils contain healthy carbohydrates, amino acids, and fiber. Since they contain combined grains, they are your ideal source of complete protein. If you eat lentils, it will curb your hunger and you will be able to digest them easily.

10.   Organic Chicken

Organic chicken contains all of the important amino acids, but you will only get the benefits of eating a chicken that has been grown under humane conditions. Farmers that grow chicken in human conditions feed them nutrient dense food and leave them out in the open. Inorganic chicken are fattened up and are given injections.

11.   Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

If you dairy does not sit well with your system, you should eat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Both of these dairy products can make a beneficial addition to your diet, keeping it balanced. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are rich on protein, low in sugar, and many healthy and good fats. Inorganic yogurt and cheese contains chemicals, hormones, and concealed antibiotics.

12.   Tempeh

If you are a vegan and even if you are not a vegan, you should eat tempeh, which are soybeans, as it is produced from fermented soy and contains protein. You need to buy tempeh that is organically grown and not one that is genetically modified. Tempeh in comparison with milk, meat, egg, and fish is more digestible. However, pair soy protein with other types of food high in protein on this list, as it shouldn’t be your only source of protein. Grass-fed Beef

13.  Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed beef contains iron, zinc, and other amino acids. When you eat grass-fed beef for the first time, you will notice that it is cleaner, safer, flavourful, and rich in nutrients than inorganic beef.

Anyone looking to gain more muscle will need to include ample amounts of protein into their diet. Since this list has provided you with so many options for protein, you will not have to stick with eating only one type of source for protein. The best part is that the proteins are healthy and clean, free of human intervention.