The Bulk Clean Meal Plan to Have a Super Ripped Body

The Bulk Clean Meal Plan to Have a Super Ripped BodyYou aspire to look like the Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his heyday. In order to make your dream a reality, you eat, train for muscle growth, limit your calorie intake, and go through a cutting cycle to burn fat. With this meal plan, you will get the muscular appearance you want, but without all those extra steps. The meal plan will teach how you can make the complicated steps of cutting and bulking into one simple step. You will become jacked up and leaner in a short amount of time by following a clean eating meal plan to bulk up and lean out.

Dirty Bulking Method vs. Clean Bulking Method

Like many others, you may also think that when you are fatter and bigger, you are on the right course. However, your thinking should not be fatter and bigger, instead should be better and bigger. Imagine:  Will you look better if you add 5 to 8 pounds of fat free muscle? Or will you look better if you add ten pounds of muscle mass with twenty pounds of stomach marbling? Even though both options are a hit with bodybuilding nuts, the first option is ten times better than the second.

For one simple reason, you will eat clean, not dirty. If you keep overloading yourself with food constantly, you will have your body, but will also be increasing the likelihood to get diagnosed with health problems in the future.

How the Dirty Bulking Method Creates Havoc in Your Body?

Each day, you are stuffing your mouth with foods containing trans fat, sugar, and omega-6 vegetable oils. On the exterior, you look hot, but on the inside, you are suffering. It can compromise cell membrane activity, chronic inflammation can expose you disease, and you may become susceptible to joint pain. “Who cares about disease? I only want to put on muscle?” If becoming sick does not waver you from eating dirty, perhaps, this might do the trick.

If you eat just to eat without thinking about what you are ingesting, your insulin sensitivity and nutrient divider to the muscle cell will decrease. Following this method, you will gain muscle, but not the quality kind. Moreover, shedding the final layer of flab will become an impossible ordeal when you shift into the shredding stage.

What Should You Do Instead?

You could try a traditional clean eating method, which promotes a hyper-micromanaged meal plan or as you know, the clean way to bulk. In the clean eating method, you have to eat after every 1 ½ hours. Each day, you will carry seven containers with a wide variety of different foods such as tuna, carrots, and broccoli.

However, for the working class, the traditional clean eating method is more of a burden, as you will have to juggle so many boxes every day. Since you would not want to go through all of that trouble, here is an eating plan that will work the same way, but better. The modern clean eating method requires you to eat healthy grains and you can integrate it into your life easily.

The Modern Clean Eating Meal Plan

To explain to you what the modern clean eating meal plan entails, the example of a 175-pound male is used. Here is the plan:

Daily Calorie Intake:

16 per lbs (pounds) of body mass
16 X 175 lbs = 2, 800 calories


Daily Protein Intake:

1 gram per lbs of body mass
1 gram X 175 pounds = 700 calories or 175 grams of protein


Daily Fat Intake:

25 percent of calories
0.25 X 2,800 calories = 700 calories or 75 grams of fat


Daily Carbohydrates Intake:

2,800 calories – 700 calories – 700 calories = 1,400 calories or 350 of carbohydrates

Once you have crunched all the numbers to find out how many calories you can consume each day, you can begin to follow the intermittent eating plan to get your desired results.

What You Should be Eating?—The Intermittent Eating Plan

You need to eat the following things during the day:

  • Breakfast Meal

Skip breakfast, but you can drink tea or black coffee without sugar.

  • Lunch Meal

Eat eight to twelve oz protein with one to two servings of whole food fats. You can include non-starchy veggies (eat as many as you want).

  • Dinner Meal

Eat twelve to sixteen oz of protein with five to six servings of starchy carbohydrates. You can include non-starchy veggies (eat as many as you want).

What a Sample Plan Would Look Like?

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast– Black coffee Breakfast– Black coffee Breakfast– Black coffee
Lunch– 8 oz chicken breast, salad, and an avocado


Lunch– ½ cup of any nuts and 8 oz sirloin steak Lunch– 12 oz Turkey breast, salad, and 1/3 cup of coconut (shredded)
Dinner– Steamed veggies and 16 oz pepper and sea-salt flank steak, and 48 oz baked potato


Dinner– Vegetable stir fry and 16 oz of garlic chicken and six cups of white rice Dinner– 12 oz baked salmon, 5 cups of mashed sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, and green beans.

If you want to look like the former governor or the wrestler turned actor, you need to eat in bulk, but clean. You cannot put loads of food in your body at one time, and then sweat it out in the gym. You will burn calories and bulk up, but you will also put yourself at risk of getting joint pain or any other type of pain down the line. You need to practice the healthy way of bulking up and getting lean by following the modern bulk clean eating plan. You will feel good about yourself, knowing you leaned and bulked up by eating clean.

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