The Yacon Diet Reviews

The Yacon Diet – Weight loss truly is ‘rooted' in this Sweet Treat

Weight loss can become one of the most arduous tasks anyone can undertake. With all the dieting, exercise and scheduled exercise, not only can it become boring fast but you can give up even faster. With a host of weight loss diets available, finding the right diet becomes harder. Fortunately, the Yacon Diet is an example of a great, sweet and healthy weight loss diet. Go on, view the review below!

What is the Yacon Diet?

Yacon Diet Reviews

The Yacon Diet is one of the most simple diets we have tried and tested ourselves. It is a 3-step program that requires very little effort but produces dramatic results.

Step 1 – Consume a Yacon capsule early in the morning, with water

Step 2 – Replace sugar and sweetners with Yacon Syrup

Step 3 – Consume a Yacon capsule when before or after lunch, with water

Now all you have to do is continue this regime for as long as you require – The diet couldn’t be any simpler.

The Root of the Root

The most obvious question is what is Yacon? As the heading suggests, Yacon is actually extracted from the Yacon plant, the roots to be specific. The plant comes from South America and the Incas loved the stuff.

Not only is Yacon packed full of nutritional goodness, it contains very few calories, tastes good and keeps your digestive tract clean. What the Incas once believed, we now know to be scientifically true.

Now, to answer the next question on your mind, is it beneficial?

Benefits of Yacon

The Yacon Diet provides a myriad of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • It’s Sweet – Up to 50% of Yacon syrup is, in fact, some of the best natural sweetener you will find. This makes it the perfect replacement for many of the high-calorie sweeteners many people consume. Why? Because your body cannot digest FOS, you can enjoy your sweet dishes without ever worrying about your weight.
  • Appetite Suppression – One interesting thing about the Yacon Diet is that it suppresses your appetite and reduces hunger pangs. In other words, you feel fuller for long and don’t’ have to worry about hunger creeping on you like your mother in law.
  • Improve Metabolism – The reduced calorie intake, controlled sugar levels and reduced hunger pangs work to give a boost to metabolism and help you lose weight faster than ever.
  • Improve your Immune System – The Yacon Diet not only helps improve weight loss, it helps improve your immune system by giving a boost to your good bacteria.
  • Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels – Yacon, as stated, contains natural sweeteners known as fructooligosaccharides, or FOS for short. Interestingly, it not only improves your immune system but also alters your sensitivity to insulin. As a result, the Yacon Diet also helps maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Improving Digestion – The Yacon Diet is also a high in fiber and, you guessed it, keeps your bowel movements in check and keeps you feeling full.
  • Keeping your Colon Cleansed – Keeping your bowl in check, improving digestion and boosting your good bacteria, the Yacon Diet helps keep your colon cleansed.
  • Improved Productivity – Naturally, with more energy and a healthier inside, you are more alert, fall sick less and don’t have to worry about low energy.

How does it help you Lose Weight?

While you may know all the benefits, you have to ask yourself, “how does it help me lose weight?” The Yacon Diet works in combination with a number of internal factors that help give your system a jolt of “weight loss oxide.”

The Yacon Diet helps keep your blood sugar and appetite in check while improving your metabolism and digestion. You feel full so you eat less and because your metabolism is high, you burn more fat even while resting. The improved digestion helps reduce the amount of energy converted to fat and gives you more to use. The net effect is both a healthier body on the inside and a slimmer body on the out.

Man running on the road

I’ll still have to Run, Right?

As with any diet, exercise is an important part of losing weight. Without exercise, you cannot achieve true weight loss. With the Yacon Diet, I beg to differ. Whether it was our trial or the information of others, we learnt that you don’t have to create and maintain an exercise plan to see results. Of course, running will promote better results but you do not have to if you do not want to.

I’ll have to change my Food Intake, right?

Interestingly, there are very few diets where you can eat all you want and still lose weight. There are even fewer that seem logical and even fewer that actually work. Fortunately, the Yacon Diet is one that works. While you will see better results with controlled food intake, it is not an absolute must. All you have to do follow the 3 steps to start losing weight.

Backed by Science

Whether it is on msnbc, the Dr. OZ show, the guardian or on fox news, the Yacon Diet is renowned worldwide. With its ‘roots’ stretching as far as the Incas, it was only natural that someone with a white coat was going to test its effectiveness.

Whether it was by Genta et al. Dr. OZ or a number of universities such as the University of Sao Paula, Yacon has received the backing of the science community in the form of various clinical studies.

The Yacon Diet is yet another ideal way to lose weight. With Yacon in your diet, weight loss could not have been any sweeter. Tried, tested and loved by many, the Yacon Diet is a perfect way for you to slim down in no time at all.

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