Testogen Review and Results – Everything About My Experience With This Testosterone Booster

Testosterone deficiency can happen to anyone. However, as you age, it is common that testosterone levels sink beneath a desirable range. In fact, according to Al and J McBride, in a 2016 study-based publication named “Testosterone deficiency in the aging male” (1), it has been ascertained that by age 58, testosterone levels will have fallen to a third of their peak level (usually in young adulthood). Though a large number of testosterone boosters are available online, this review will focus on one particular product: TestoGen. All the information provided in this review has been acquired through research, tests and customer reviews. I never write a review of a product without using it personally. This review has been compiled after using TestoGen, collecting facts, and reading customer reviews.

Here is everything you need to know about the product, its purpose, the buying process, and a list of pros and cons.

What is TestoGen?

Testogen review and results

TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster. As a classic supplement, it generates additional production of a particular secretion; in this case, the hormone testosterone. It is described by its manufacturers as 100% natural. TestoGen is made up of 11 natural active ingredients, individually clinically tested to ascertain their safety. It comes in the form of capsules that must be ingested orally. While it does not have an official “medicinal” status, it is marketed as the solution to a variety of problems caused by low testosterone levels.

Who would need TestoGen?

Anyone with testosterone deficiency may require the use of such a supplement. Both young and older men may suffer from testosterone deficiency. This deficiency could be genetic or environmental. Should you find that you suffer from the symptoms listed below, you may want to consider using this product.

Signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency

Testosterone deficiency is surprisingly easy to notice. Encountering some, or all of the following symptoms, may be a sign of testosterone deficiency:

– lethargy
muscle loss or difficulty growing muscle
– concentration problems – both during work and leisure time
lack of motivation to engage in sports
– deflated libido
erectile dysfunction
– loss of physical strength or athletic power
increased waist measurements
– undesired weight gain
an increased post-exercise recovery period

Should you relate to the majority of these symptoms, you may want to either take direct action or immediately consult a doctor.

Testosterone deficiency risks

Though testosterone deficiency does not count either as a psychological or a physical disease, it poses a great risk to one’s mental and anatomical health. Some of testosterone deficiency consequences include:

– isolation
– hopelessness
– self-neglect
– anger issues
– anxiety
– substance abuse urges
– over-eating urges
– poor work productivity
– relationship trouble(s)
– hair loss
– diabetes and heart problems (with steady weight gain)
– fatigue
– muscle cramps
– low immunity

Is TestoGen the solution?

It may be difficult to know for sure whether TestoGen is the product for you prior to trying it. However, some of my experiences using the product for 4 months have matched those of several other consumers.

TestoGen affects hormones with such a vast reach on your anatomical function that it can be hard to keep track of all the changes. However, one thing is for sure: it will increase your testosterone levels.

Testogen reviews by bodybuilder

How TestoGen works

Testogen ingredients

To understand how the supplement operates, you must first know the 11 ingredients it is made from. TestoGen contains the following:

Nettle leaf extract
D-aspartic acid
Fenugreek extract
Red ginseng extract
Vitamin K1
Vitamin B6
Vitamin D

The TestoGen formula has been carefully selected and amended over the years to provide what is essentially the most carefully-studied product in the testosterone booster market. Though I did not try the old formula myself, a little research is enough to attest to the benefits of the dosage and component changes. 

Magnesium, for example, is an entirely new ingredient to the TestoGen formula which has been proven to substantially increase testosterone levels after only a few days of consumption. According to a study published on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (2), a daily consumption of magnesium by athletes leads to major increases in their testosterone levels, which stimulates muscle growth. 

New to the list of ingredients is also Boron, Vitamin K1 and Nettle Leaf extract. Boron doesn’t just increase testosterone levels, it also decreases estrogen levels, which is often linked to the accumulation of stubborn fat. Vitamin K1, on the other hand, has been proven in a 2015 study by Dr D. Shreiber, to complement Vitamin D intake (which has been linked to testosterone production and the strengthening of bones) by neutralising its adverse effects, such as calcium overproduction (3). By attaching itself to the protein SHGB (which is usually to blame for a poor circulation of testosterone through your bloodstream), Nettle Leaf Extract gives free reign for your testosterone to flow through your body. Athletes regularly incorporate Nettle Leaf Extract in their diet to boost their ability to burn fat and gain muscle mass.
The new inclusion of Bioperine in the Testogen formula makes for a better absorption of all other ingredients by your body. It ensures the vitamin B6 (which is now supplied in a more absorbable form), Zinc and D-Aspartic acid can function as effectively on your body as possible. D-aspartic acid, which is now available in the new TestoGen formula with a 15% increase on its dosage, has been shown, by a team of American scientists to have “a key role” in the production and release of testosterone in humans (4). Its direct effects on testosterone levels can be observed through the steady gaining of muscle definition with a daily intake.

Another incredible improvement by the new formula is its x5 bigger dosage of vitamin D3. Prior to my purchase of TestoGen, my own careful research had ascertained Vitamin D intake as my easiest, most natural option to boost my testosterone levels. This is because various famous studies have ascertained its effects on testosterone production, as well as its slowing of the processes by which testosterone is converted into estrogen.

However, vitamin D alone has no hope of working as effectively as when it is combined with synergetic agents such as the ingredients listed above. In fact, I am adamant that this complex yet natural mix is the reason my body has been handling the increase in its testosterone levels so effectively. The ingredients don’t just individually increase your testosterone levels; they work together to make your body a healthy, fat-burning and muscle-building machine

Pros of TestoGen

Speed of action:

Through personal experience, it turns out that TestoGen acts very fast. One week was enough for me to notice a major difference. It was almost as if my body had gotten an overall boost, which ranged from my ability to fall asleep, to my productivity during the day.

In my case, I could assess reports faster, go longer without breaks, and the prospect of returning to work after lunch did not provoke a wave of dread. Though the results were just subtle changes in my mental state, they were immediate.

Ease of ingestion:

Most men fear the feeling of “sickness” associated with taking a pill or capsule every day. They fear that the routine will be tedious or that the supplement will taste bad. However, it was about as easy to swallow as a standard capsule and felt more like a body boost than a treatment. When placed next to your daily vitamins, they can be taken in the morning with no need for frequent reminders or preparation processes.


Though originally sceptical, I was pleasantly surprised to find my entire body functioning differently, and my testosterone levels re-balanced. In my case, the results weren’t drastic enough to feel unnatural or overwhelming. Most users share similar experiences. I witnessed my energy levels rise and got to welcome back a formerly relinquished desire to exercise. Various physical activities are now part of my routine (wall-scaling with my kids, trampoline sessions, a quick garden football game after the family barbecue, and even a renewed gym membership). Though I was told to expect changes in my appearance, it was still immensely surprising to see my “gut” shrinking and better muscle definition appearing on my body. Having thought myself incapable of gaining muscle mass, it is incredibly rewarding to see the effects of workouts pay twice as quickly as they once did. 

Testogen user doing workout in the park

Domino effect:

The psychological effect of using a natural supplement to boost your bodily functions is the urge to cleanse and re-organise. The initial improvements in my mood motivated me to exercise more and eat cleaner. Most users report feeling the need to remove toxic habits from their life (nightly snacks, staying up late, driving everywhere, cigars and whiskey etc). TestoGen slowly becomes a motivation to maintain the improvements the capsules provide.

My increased patience and concentration skills made me keen to listen more and provide an attentive ear. As a divorced male at 41, I found a new desire to apply optimism to my life, to expand my hobbies, and even to start dating again.

Increased libido:

It is very easy to find excuses for a declining libido: stress at work, exhaustion, relationship problems, lack of time for leisure etc. However, it is normal, even healthy, to seek safe sexual activity and physical intimacy, even without an underlying close relationship. The process of intercourse not only releases endorphins and dopamine, but it also creates an enticing respite from a possibly cyclical life of work and rest. A healthy sex life will not just strengthen the relationship between you and your partner, but will also keep it exciting.

In my case, TestoGen increased my “background thoughts” about sex. I found myself seeking the presence of a partner in my life, physical contact, and even prolonged intercourse (of which I had been incapable for years). Though my next experience with a woman, a couple weeks later, did not involve miracles, I could see a major difference in my erectile function and even stamina.

Ease of access:

This is a benefit of TestoGen’s direct ordering and delivering processes. I was impressed by the ease with which you can contact the manufacturers and make an order. The official TestoGen website offers a lot of useful information for prospective consumers, as well as tips on how to heighten the booster’s effects. Also featured on the web are reviews of the product; they enable users to have realistic expectations prior to ordering the product. I was able to contact the TestoGen team via email, who replied swiftly and pleasantly to my inquiries. I would advise any prospective buyer with unanswered questions to contact the TestoGen team for any desired information.

Natural properties:

Though this has been mentioned above, TestoGen is a practically unique product in the fact that it works effectively without posing the risks of having unknown chemicals in your home. Other than having extensive adverse health effects (liver failure, lowered immune system etc), synthetic chemical medication or supplements can cause accidental overdoses that may be fatal. If you are a parent, it is important to have safe products at home. TestoGen is one of the safest products you can keep at home without having to worry.


My prior research showed that TestoGen is among the most popular products of its kind on the market. The manufacturers also provide fast services and appealing deals and offers. For these reasons, its competitive pricing is very pleasing. As such supplements are rarely covered by insurance, it is refreshing to be able to purchase this product, in bulk, without breaking the bank. It also means that testers, like me, no longer have to worry about wasting money on a product with disappointing effects.

Offers, deals and good service:

TestoGen offers a variety of good deals that make consumers save loads on bulk orders. For instance, the site has a “buy three, get two free (and an ebook)” policy which practically halves the final price of each capsule. It also encourages large orders, which means you do not have to constantly worry about re-stocking, running out and taking the supplement inconsistently.

The quality of the service is also to be applauded: from the kindness of TestoGen employees to the speed of international shipping, it is a pleasure to order so effortlessly and have to wait so little time (one day) to get your order. There is also zero shipping fee on the product, which is among the greatest buying incentives. The order is delivered discreetly to your doorstep in nondescript packaging, in no time and at no cost. This is both cheaper and much more comfortable than driving to your local supplements store to make booster purchases.

Testogen reviews and results UK

Cons of TestoGen


Though TestoGen starts working quickly, it does not have the same shocking, miracle effects of some other supplements of the sort. Through research, I have come across brands that claim to provide life-changing effects that are much more reminiscent of a drug than a supplement. On the other hand, TestoGen worked fast but with gradually increasing effects. I had to pay attention to notice changes; they also required my willingness to adapt my life to my steadily increasing testosterone levels in the healthiest manner possible.


In order to keep noticing results with TestoGen, it is necessary to observe discipline. For TestoGen to work as efficiently as you wish, changes must be applied in various areas of your life: diet, exercise routine, and alcohol/ nicotine intake. This may be discouraging to those who expect the supplement to do all the work. It also requires frequent introspection in order to grasp the small positive changes and use them as fuel to remain motivated and diligent.

Like all supplements, it is also advisable to take TestoGen at the same time every day, which will require a re-programming of your morning rituals.

Psychological dependency:

Several users have reported signs of psychological dependency on the product. While none of its ingredients have active addictive properties, it is also true that any “simple fix” to your daily struggle may become addictive. The fear of regressing back to your former physical weakness, lethargy and depression may increase your urge to ingest the capsules.

However, studies have not shown any evidence of users having a dependency on the product. Therefore, it can be presumed that any psychological craving for the supplement can easily be battled.

Things you need to know

Prior to ordering your TestoGen, you may want to know the following information regarding the product and its ordering process.

How to dose your intake

It is advised that adults take 4 capsules daily, about 20 minutes prior to breakfast. Though a slightly higher dosage may not be harmful, it could also throw off your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. A smaller intake, on the other hand, can make results unnoticeable.

It is also advised to take about 10 days off the supplement every two months to ensure your body remains self-sufficient.

There is a 100% money back guarantee

You may return your order within 67 days of its delivery to your home and receive a full refund of your purchase payment. In order to receive a full refund, you only need to return the first two empty bottles of TestoGen as well as any other empty ones you wish to get rid of. Customer service details are available on the TestoGen website, which promises an email response with thorough refund process instructions within 48 business hours.

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Buying retail will double the price

TestoGen encourages its clients to use their online platform to make purchases. The margin of profit made by retailers who re-sell the product is massive: on a minimum order of $179, a whopping $170 would be added by retailers to the final price. Should you want to make major savings, you may want to consider ordering online, in bulk.

What to draw from this review

TestoGen is not a magic capsule. Instead, it is an ingestible opportunity to improve your health and well-being in a variety of ways. While it may have a couple of drawbacks, it remains one of the best products on the market. From the efficiency with which its delivery is organised to the quality of the product itself, TestoGen is undeniably one of the best health purchases available on the market for men aged 18 and above.

Testogen reviews

Final verdict

There are three main factors that you should consider when looking for a health supplement such as TestoGen. First, the product should be able to perform the intended purpose. Secondly, the product must not have severe side effects and lastly, the product must be accessible.

After reviewing the good and the bad of TestoGen, my verdict is that it is a quality product that is worth your money. Besides being effective as a testosterone booster, TestoGen stands out among all other products on the market due to its competitive pricing and the lack of severe side effects.

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