Everything That You Need to Know about Muscle Mass

Many of us want to gain some muscle mass. And for that, we generally only concentrate on two factors. The first one is the vigorous workout and the other one is the strict diet plan.

However, the above mentioned two factors are not the only criteria for achieving positive results of your efforts. There are a lot of factors that play their part in gaining muscle strength as well as mass. While we don’t usually pay any attention to these factors, including these factors as part of our daily routine will definitely make a positive impact in achieving the desired goals.

If you too, eat and lift for muscle growth, but it doesn’t really seem to create a difference, then here’s your chance to follow a new roadmap to gain muscle mass. Read on as we share with you some useful information about gaining muscle mass and some tips that will expedite your muscle growth eventually.

Everything That You Need to Know about Muscle Mass

The shape of Your Muscles

The shape and tone of your muscle is determined by genetics. You may modify the size of the muscles by vigorous weight lifting and workouts, but you cannot change the shape of your body’s muscles because you cannot modify your genetics.

In simple words, people having a short torso appear fuller than those within an elongated torso. If you have higher bicep insertions, then your biceps will appear to have a bigger peak. Similarly, people who have skinny long legs and arms will tend to appear skinnier, because there is more space that needs to be filled up by the muscles.

While all of these people will have to work more to increase muscle size, they will also be required to eat more, with the same height, to weigh more.

The Potential of Your Muscles

The body weight of a person depends on their bone structure and height. Short people cannot build more muscle mass in comparison to tall people. While it is true that with advanced training and improved methods of nutrients, people may gain muscle and strength much faster than in earlier days, we must also understand that human genetics have not changed. Which is why, there are certain limits to the extent a person can gain body muscle naturally, depending on frame size and your height.

Rate of Gaining Muscle Mass

Many people can gain around 0.25kg/0.5lb of muscle each week and when they initially start lifting weights. That makes it around 2lb/1kg of muscles/month and 24lb/12kg of them in a year. However, after the first year, the growth of muscles slows down.

When you start lifting, muscles fuel the workouts by storing glycogen. This glycogen causes water retention which in turn gives a fuller look to your muscles. While the weight of this water may increase your overall body weight, it does not constitute as pure muscle growth.

On the contrary, the muscle growth of older people is slower because of low testosterone levels. Most of the muscle gain occurs in the first three years. Similarly, the more muscle strength you have, the harder it gets to build more muscles.

Smart Tips to Build More Muscles

Here are some useful tips for you to utilize and improve the process of building more muscles.

The right time to take nutrients

Providing your body with excessive calories is of no use unless you fuel your exercise with some good and healthy nutrients. With nutrients, another important factor is to adjust the timings of food intake. In other words, when we eat, creates a major effect on our body composition in comparison to how much and what we eat.

Eat Carbs

Quality food is the key to quality mass. Your diet plan must include a good amount of carbohydrates. The greatest source of eating carbohydrates is by including brown rice, potatoes, pasta or oatmeal as a part of your regular diet.

Get adequate sleep

As you grow or build muscle on your body, a lot of muscle mass is damaged in an everyday workout. To recover or to rebuild these muscles, your body needs proper rest and sleep. If you don’t follow an adequate sleep schedule, you deprive your body of the time it needs to repair the muscle damage and to make sure that you wake up stronger and fresh.

In conclusion, as determined as you are to gain muscle mass; the same level of consideration should be applied in learning about new supplements, workout techniques and nutrition protocols. Take the time to invest in research and strive to improve yourself in terms of both mind and body.