Muscle Growth – Food That Helps in Building Body Muscles

Exercise and excessively working out is not the only criteria in order to build a jaw-dropping body. If you are not including the right nutrients and vitamins in your daily diet, then you cannot tone your body and build strong muscles.

Whenever we press or curl our muscles, it actually causes some damage to the muscle fibers. These fibers or micro tears rebuild and repair themselves when the body is at rest, and to rebuild that strength, your body needs an adequate quantity of vitamins and nutrients. However, these nutrients can only be achieved through the intake of proper food.

Muscle Growth - Food That Helps in Building Body Muscles

Similarly, to build more muscles and to add mass to your muscles, muscle strengthening exercises and supplements are essential. While the regular exercise stimulates the muscle growth and tones your body, vigorous exercise alone will not bring you any closer to your goals.

The food that we intake after exercise creates a lot of impact on our body and in strengthening and building muscle mass. Therefore, you must maintain a good balance in exercise and diet, and to further aid your efforts, you must follow a proper diet plan.

These diet plans must be prepared in a way that they provide you with all the minerals, vitamins or nutrients that are essential for your body. These may include carbohydrates, protein, iron, calcium, potassium, fats and others.

However, to assist you further, we have listed down some super foods and herbs that you must include in your daily diet plan in order to build your muscles and tone your body in the perfect shape.

The Golden Root – Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that is known as golden root. This herb provides many benefits for the human body. Consuming this herb as a part of your daily diet can significantly reduce the cholesterol levels. In addition to that, the herb helps in improving brain functioning, boosting the body’s energy levels, burning excess belly fats, improving athletic performance and in fighting depression.

Egg and Milk Protein

Muscle Growth Food The importance of egg and milk cannot be neglected when it comes to protein. Protein serves as a building block in muscle growth and gaining more muscle mass. Eggs contain all the essential nine amino acids that work best for muscle building and recovery.

Being rich in calcium, iron and zinc, egg yolks are the best source of vitamins. These vitamins include E, A, K and a range of vitamin B such as B12, folic acid and riboflavin. You can include eggs in your daily diet in any form such as the boil, poached, scrambled and others.

Similarly, milk is also a super food for the muscles. It contains casein and whey, the two high quality proteins. Drink a glass of chocolate or skim milk to create a perfect carbohydrate-to-protein ratio. By taking egg and milk as part of your daily diet plan, you can speed up the metabolism, increase the energy levels in your body, and keep your body hydrated and rich with all the essential vitamins and nutrients it requires.

All-Heal – Panax Ginseng

Panax is an herb which has excellent healing properties. For people who wish to maintain the level of testosterone in their bodies, panax ginseng works as a testosterone booster. Moreover, by making this herb as part of your regular diet plan, you can avail some amazing benefits such as improved body stamina, the rebuilding of damaged muscles, increased physical endurance, the growth of muscle mass, promotion of lean muscles and enhanced workout performance.


If you are a professional body builder or an athlete, then legumes is an excellent source of protein for your muscle growth. You must include legumes in your daily diet plan as there are different kinds of legumes available and almost all of them are a high source of complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

Legumes help in maintaining and building muscle strength. The fiber content of legumes supports in the absorption of various nutrients in the body. Similarly, the carbohydrates provide a long-lasting and more stable source of energy for vigorous workouts.

In conclusion, whether you wish to build muscles, gain more body mass, strengthen your muscles or maintain the shape of your muscular body, all of these super foods and herbs are best to boost your metabolism and to provide an added support to your healthy lifestyle.

Improve your muscle growth naturally and without the aid of drugs or supplements. Maintain a healthy diet plan and keep a good balance in your exercise and food to achieve the most effective and quickest results in terms of muscle growth and strength.