Lucidril Review

Name: Lucidril

Other Names: Centrophenoxine, Meclofenoxateor, Meclofenoxate, PCPA paracholrphenoxyacetic, and DMAE dimethylaminoethanol

Function: Improves memory and capacity to learn, Enhances focus, Keeps brain healthy and prevents age-related cognitive decline

Dosage: 250 mg-1,500mg daily

Safe Alternative: Check here

Using Lucidril will make you feel alert  and focused due to its stimulant properties while providing you with the best Choline source. Some of its other benefits include:

  • Significant cognitive boost
  • Enhancement and maintenance of neuronal health
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Damage repair in the brain
  • Lifts intelligence level
  • Improves the ability to concentrate
  • Gives an energy boost
  • You feel less tired

How it Acts

  • Lucidril is a cholinergic drug. That means one of its modes of action includes increasing the level of Acetylcholine in the brain. When that happens, it also enhances your memory. This is because Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is involved in various processes inside the brain but especially in neuronal communication. With Lucidril, your brain gets a good supply of Acetylcholine. This increases concentration which further results in enhanced memory formation, storage, and retrieval.
  • It also affects your metabolism in another way. When you ingest Lucidril, it enhances glucose and oxygen absorption into your blood. Since these compounds are used by your brain as fuels, when they increase, so does the amount of energy. With such high levels of brain energy, you will not only be able to think faster, you will also focus better, and feel motivated.


  • Cleaning out the built up lipofuscin within the brain cells. Lipofuscin is formed when waste material, such as potassium, accumulates in our neurons. Its production is a natural process and results from the ongoing metabolism. Our brain is capable of removing it; however, its removal capacity diminishes with age. Lipofuscin presence decreases the smoothness of neurological functions. This is how Lucidril improves brain health.
  • It also works in an anti-aging capacity. When Lucidril removes the products of lipid peroxidation from our brain, it acts as an anti-oxidant would. It flushes the toxins right out, keeping your brain younger and healthier for longer.
  • Lucidril also increases the rate at which the brain takes up Glucose. When your neurons have more glucose or fuel, they can work at faster speeds and for longer. This means all your cognitive processes work more efficiently.
  • Lucidril enables the neurons to form more proteins, which are involved in memory encoding and damage repair.
  • Lucidril shows powerful neuroprotectant properties, which means that it protects your brain from damage that is accompanied by old age, stroke, harmful drugs and chemicals. Alcohol consumption wrought damage may also be ameliorated with this supplement. It keeps your neurons healthy in the face of damage and helps reverse cognitive decline.

human brain

Safety & Side Effects


The proper Lucidril dosage depends on how old you are. For elderly, who are looking to slow down age-related issues with cognitive decline, the dosage may be increased as high as 1,500 mg/day. For other people who are interested in its neuroprotective effects and cognitive enhancement, the recommended dosage starts from 250 and can go as high as 500 mg/day.

Side Effects

Negligible side effects have been reported with use of Lucidril. Nevertheless, some of them are:

  • Headaches
  • Tension in the neck, jaw, or shoulder muscle
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Excitability
  • Restlessness

However, it is advised that you take occasional breaks from Lucidril consumption. This is because muscle aches and pains may appear. If they do, realize that they are a sign of over-dosage. You will have to reduce the dosage, which can be a problem if you require a certain amount for Lucidril to be effective. Another point of consideration is that people suffering from epilepsy and other convulsive disorders or severe high blood pressure should stay away from Lucidril. Moreover, keep it away from children and lactating or pregnant women.


Stacking allows you to maximize the potential of a nootropic, such as Lucidril. It often also results in:

  • Effects that are more positive
  • Synergistic benefits
  • Elimination or at least minimizing of side effects

Lucidril may be stacked with Racetams, such as Aniracetam and Oxiracetam. Doing so is not only effective but has also been found to be safe. Since Lucidril is a cholinergic supplement, it adds choline to the mix. When used in combination with Piracetam, it leads to the enhancement of its already incredible cognitive effects. This is because Piracetam benefits from a sustained level of choline as it works. Additionally, Piracetam has been known to cause severe headaches to its users. This is due to low levels of choline as it increases the levels of acetylcholine. Lucidril can lessen these headaches. Other than Piracetam, Lucidril may also be stacked with the wonderful Noopept.

Lucidril sounds like the complete package since it keeps your brain healthy, helps it work at the speed it is supposed to, keeps you stress free while doing all of this and more, with little to no side effects. Could any other nootropic supplement top that? If you want to find out the answer to that, you may want to check out Noocube.