Do You Hear Your Joints Calling Out For Help?

Moving your hips, bending down, turning your head, and even lifting something with your hands makes you beg for mercy. You are living with arthritis and it has made life difficult for you. Well, if you are willing to put an effort then there is a way to ease your aching joints.

Give Your Small Joints a Day Off

You use your small joints everyday and they never get a break. You use them to open drawers, pick up groceries, close the fridge, and pick up things fallen on the floor. While your big joints are relaxing, your small joints are busy doing tedious chores around the house.

Now you have arthritis, it’s time you put the big joints to work. Try picking your bag or purse with your forearm, pick something from the floor by bending your knees and hips to protect your spine, and close the fridge with your hips. If you have to open a drawer, and then take a shoelace, tie it to the handle, and give your forearm the task to open it.

You’re Not Getting Any Younger

People need to accept that they can’t reverse time and need to take a step back from the activities they used to enjoy. Even though, this is easier said than done. You should think about your aching joints and your health.

As a person who is conflicted with arthritis, joint care should be your main priority. Instead of playing with your grandkids, you can watch from your porch. If you no longer can mow your lawn, then hire a kid from your neighborhood to help you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be active at all.

You can go biking with your wife or your grandkids, but go slow and wear all the necessary gear like a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. You can also try water aerobics, which helps, relieve joint aches or join a bowling team.

Be Smart with Your Joints

men and women doing exercises to avoid joint painsDo not over exert your body. If you feel like your body is giving up then let it give up and give it a rest. Your body is not like it used to be, so be smart about it. Try sliding an object you want to place at the other end of the table, instead of picking it up.

Come up with less strenuous ways to do things. For instance, if you know that a busy day is ahead of you, then take some time to rest your joints in between them.

Live Healthy

Try incorporating diet and exercise into your daily routine. Go for short walks after dinner or walk your dog. Try joining a yoga class or stretch on your own at home. Your diet is also important.

What you put in your stomach may not matter to you, but it does matter to your aching joints. Your increased weight will put pressure on the joints and walking from one room to another will make you howl in pain. Apart from eating right, you can buy proven diet pills to lose weight and Provailen to relieve joint aches.

Your Joints