How to Care For Your Joints

Joint care should not be left for old age when you have fear of developing arthritis. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that by 2020 the fourth leading cause of disability, worldwide would be arthritis! With that being said, it is important to care for your joints as early as you can. Do not wait for joint ache to develop to start taking care.

If you have arthritis or you are overweight, it is increasingly important for you to develop habits which will help taking care of your joints. This may mean changing certain habits you are accustomed to, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. The aim is to reduce stress on your joints in order to protect them. Here are some tips for you to consider:

Plan Ahead

If you have a physically demanding task such as lifting to do, plan it beforehand for a time when you might feel less sore or stiff. Also, if possible, seek help with lifting harder objects and avoid lifting them alone.

You may strain a joint if you do something in an awkward position, so you must ensure that you avoid that. Bend your knees when you lift an object, rather than bending your back. A correct posture is crucial to maintain in order to avoid aching joints.Care For Your Joints

Use Your Big Joints

Always use your big joints to lift any objects. For instance, when you are carrying a shopping bag, hold it with both hands spread out, or put it over your shoulder. This will spread the pain and relieve you of the worry of aching joints. Also, you should never grip an object too tightly, hold items as loosely as possible.

Avoid Bending

Avoid constant bending to pick up objects. Arrange items in your house at eye level so you may not have to bend every time. You can hurt yourself easily when you are bending, especially if objects are heavy.

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Avoid Carrying ThingsAvoid Carrying Big Bags

When you have to travel with objects, always avoid carrying, especially if they are heavy. You can use a trolley to move things. Buy a suitcase with wheels when you are traveling so you may not have to carry your luggage around.

Avoid Stress

Take breaks between activities to relieve your joints. Stress and repetitive action may cause strain on your joints, causing them to ache. Ensure that you maintain a balance between work, rest and a healthy diet. Always remember to stretch your legs and arms when you have done stressful work.

Getting the Right Diagnosis

It is very important to maintain a healthy routine, and follow joint care tips. For arthritis patients, they must ensure that they do some light exercises in the day and go for a walk in the evening to keep muscles active. Arthritis is a general term, meaning inflammation of the joints.

It is however not a simple diagnosis. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis now. It is very important to get the right diagnosis, and subsequently the right treatment. Along with eating healthy and exercising, include diet supplements like Provailen to lose weight and relieve joint aches.