Green Coffee Beans Extract: A Potent Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge

roasted green coffeeTrying to remove those unwanted pounds of fat from your body may well prove to be one of the most onerous tasks in the world. After all the ‘perennial war against obesity' is a never ending one and on the rare occasions when we seem to be losing weight, a little lack of focus and the unwanted fat creeps back right on. This is why people more often than not, opt for the easy way out by seeking resort to various diet supplements, so as to be able to maintain their ‘sedentary lifestyles’ while getting rid of those extra pounds simultaneously.

As far as anti obesity supplements go “Green Coffee Beans Extract” is arguably one of the most widely accepted weight loss products around. So much so, that is also considered a front line ‘wonder supplement’ in combating obesity.

This supplement is manufactured from raw green coffee beans and contains a chemical known as ‘Chlorogenic Acid’, that is known for its many fat fighting abilities.

Let’s see what it is that makes this particular supplement tick:

How are Green Coffee Beans different from regular coffee?

The actual coffee bean is actually a type of berry, or bean that is ground and roasted to make coffee.

Green coffee beans are in fact the same as any other type of coffee beans (as they are found in their unroasted or pre-roasted condition.) They are called ‘green’ simply because when harvested from the plant, they tend to have a green hue in their original state.

However, consuming them on an ‘as is where is’ basis is quite impalpable so it is necessary for them to go through a ‘roasting’ process before being marketed to the end customers who actually drink the product. In fact this is what gives them that customary colour as well as texture and taste.

All coffee beans (both green as well as their roasted variety) are simply loaded with disease-fighting compounds called ‘antioxidants’ that are believed to help repair damaged cells and they also have other pharmacologically active agents of which the most abundant is Chlorogenic Acid along with Caffeine.

As potent weight loss elements both are deemed to be particularly helpful. With the former being an important compound that helps lose weight. However, a drawback of roasting the beans is that this critical chemical is permanently lost, which is why the original green beans are preferred in their natural state, when it comes to weight loss supplements. This is how the compound works:

According to research Chlorogenic acid disrupt an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphatase.  This particular enzyme helps determine how the body metabolises glucose.  In fact, it is this effect on glucose metabolism that could also potentially play a positive role in diabetes management as well. Essentially, the Green Coffee Extract helps you shed fat by:

Helps block absorption of dietary fats

If your carbohydrates are absorbed more efficiently than in the long run, fats will also be metabolized faster.  It also helps regulate your blood sugar levels. This way you won’t have those terrible, hard to resist sugar cravings. Along with that, it also helps you cope with the resultant ‘down’ when you don’t get your sugar rush immediately.

Rather than eating raw, green beans many companies have used their extracts and condensed them into supplement pills that are typically taken before a meal to help regulate and adequately control the human body’s metabolic functions.

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As of today, no studies have determined an overall optimal dosage for this particular supplement. However, as a general rule dosages ranging from 120-300 mg of Chlorogenic acid are considered ideal daily intake.

All green coffee supplements carry different quantities of Chlorogenic acid which is often mixed with many other different weight loss extracts to increase the supplement’s efficacy.  Depending on the concentration of Chlorogenic acid in the pill you are taking, a dosage of 240-3000 mg of green coffee bean extract per day should give optimal results. A typical daily dose should include:

1,200-3,000mg for a 10% chlorogenic acid supplement
600-1,500mg for a 20% chlorogenic acid supplement
240-600mg for a 50% chlorogenic acid supplement

Or alternately it is more prudent to simply follow the instructions on the side of the bottle itself. Researchers tend to recommend one pill to be taken approximately half an hour before a regular meal.


In a study conducted over a 12 week period, overweight people who took this extract on a regular basis lost an average of 11.8 pounds in the three months period they were using this supplement.

Side effects

As per research this supplement seems inherently safer than many other similar weight loss products.  However, during a clinical trial of voluntary participants, at least a few volunteers refused to continue to participate in the trial after some time because they started complaining of infections of the urinary tract as well as headaches, both of which were attributed to the consumption of green coffee bean extract.


While it is generally considered completely safe to use for most healthy people, there are some factors a user should take into consideration before taking this supplement.  It is necessary to consult a medical expert if you suffer from diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Moreover, there have been no research studies as yet that have determined this product to be perfectly safe for pregnant and/or lactating women as well as children.


Amongst the veritable plethora of different weight loss supplements, this one seems to be one of the very best ones around, with almost no side effects while being effective in its primary purpose of weight reduction.

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