Glucomannan – Is It Worth Trying?


The dietary supplements are popularly known for weight loss. Glucomannan, the dietary fiber, is one of the weight loss ingredients enjoying popularity in the market. The human body works like a machine. All its parts should be properly lubricated and well-maintained to avoid collapse.

If one part fails to perform or is more lubricated than others, it may affect the performance of other parts. The nutrients are your lubricants. Glucomannan is effective in weight loss but at the same time, excessive amounts may lead to serious esophageal problems.

How It Works?

The water-soluble dietary fiber, Glucomannan is obtained from elephant yam roots. These are called konjac. Konjac jelly or konjac powder is used in noodles, puddings, herbal drinks, and other herbal treatments in Southeast Asia. Often used as a gelling agent or thickener, its flour or powder can be used for fat loss.

The dietary fibers have been scientifically proven to help treat constipation, improve digestion, reduce fat absorption, and reduce cholesterol in the body. It also reduces sugar absorption and hence, it is helpful in regulating blood sugar. The ingredients works like an appetite suppressant. It is a dry ingredient that absorbs water to increase in size and swell. This way, it helps bring the feeling of fullness in stomach.

Glucomannan is particularly a calorie-free carbohydrate, formulated as dietary fiber. Its fibers attract water to form a gel. The gel not only slows down the process of digestion but also occupies larger space in stomach, making the consumer feel fuller. Most of the weight loss pills and powders with dietary fibers are suggested to be taken before a meal.

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Is It Effective?

A study conducted on 20 women revealed the effects of Glucomannan on overweight people. The scientists experimented half of the women with Glucomannan and half of the women with an alternative ingredient. The treatment, conducted for eight weeks, revealed that the women taking Glucomannan lost 5.5 pounds whereas the second group lost only 1.5 pounds.

Aside weight loss, it comes with many other benefits including these.

  • It reduces the absorption of cholesterol and fats from your food. The unhealthy ingredients are excreted out of the body. When the body needs energy, it burns and consumes stored fats. This way, it reduces body swelling and helps reduce body fats.
  • It attracts water from all over the body. The water carries toxins with it. The body absorbs these toxins and excretes them out of the body. This way, it not only helps reduce weight but it also cleanses the body.
  • It reduces the absorption of sugar in the body and reduces the sugar addiction. Simply, it regulates blood sugar and insulin levels.

food made from glucomannan

How Much You Need?

The amount of the dietary fiber depends on the intake of other dietary fibers. Generally, an overweight person needs 3–5 grams of Glucomannan if they are not taking any other dietary fiber. However, the amount required for losing weight will be gradually reduced if the consumer is already taking a dietary fiber.

Powder, Capsules, or Combination Treatments?

Glucomannan is available in three forms – powder, capsule and combination treatment. The powder form is more useful for cooking foods and adding jelly-like consistency in food items. The capsule is suitable for people who want to lose weight using dietary fiber only. Such people usually have built tolerance to other weight loss ingredients.

The combination treatments are carefully formulated. The combination treatments are balanced by assisting ingredients to reduce the side effects of one ingredient. Therefore, the combination treatments are better to avoid any side effects for weight loss.

Side Effects and Precautions

The dietary fibers may seriously affect your gut and stomach if taken in unchecked quantities.

  • Dietary fibers have the capacity of swelling up to 50 times of their original quantity. Therefore, the combination treatment should have suitable percentage of Glucomannan
  • Excessive consumption of Glucomannan may block the throat and damage esophagus. To prevent blockage, the consumer must take at least two glasses of water after around 30 minutes of taking the medicine.

Some precautionary measures can aid the treatment and boost its effectiveness.

  • Before purchasing combination treatments, make sure to check the ingredients. Avoid any combination treatment if you have build tolerance to any of its ingredients.
  • Do not ignore the technique and process of taking a combination treatment containing Glucomannan.
  • As Glucomannan reduces sugar levels, the diabetic patients should always consult a doctor before initiating the treatment.

Final Verdict

Glucomannan is an effective treatment for losing weight, provided it is taken with careful considerations. It does not burn fat directly but it boosts fat loss by reducing fat absorption and triggering the absorption of stored fats. Ideally, Glucomannan should be taken in combination, as its consumption as a solo ingredient is harmful for stomach and gut.

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