The Do’s and Don’ts of Gaining Muscle

Gaining MuscleAre you on a quest to gain muscle?

Have the results been disheartening?

Are you losing your focus along with your determination to gain muscle?

Do not hang a wreath on your dreams, not just yet! There is still a way you can make your dreams come true, but how? Unknown to you, you have been doing the do’s in conjunction with the don’ts to gain muscle. For this reason, the results of your workout regime have been less than satisfactory. You need to redefine your workout routine by clearly outlining the do’s and don’ts of gaining muscle.

Do Educate Yourself

Take advantage of the several platforms available online. Do not look at one workout plan to gain muscle mass and go with it, but look at several. Compare them with each other, read reviews, and ask your trainer about workout plans you are considering to follow. Only then, choose one. If the workout plan gets you close to achieving your goals, pat yourself on the back, as you have found the plan that works for you.

Don’t Eat Only One Type of Food Each Day

You need to diversify your diet regardless of what your weight loss goals are. If you only eat protein, you will miss out on the benefits veggies provide you. Plus, you will get tired of eating one kind of food each day. If you are trying to gain muscle, you need to eat plenty of starchy carbs and fibrous carbs such as whole-wheat pasta, oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, granary, and rye bread.

Do Eat Foods High in Protein

Your diet should consist of eating foods, which are high in protein. Your diet should contain fish, red meat, nuts, dairy products, milk, eggs, beans, and quark. Remember, to include these foods into your diet, including them in every meal.

Do Not Stop Eating Fat

Eating fat only means that you should consume good fats such as from fish, nits, olive oil, and seeds. If you restrict yourself from eating all types of food that contain fat, your diet will be unhealthy.

Do Snack on Fruits and Veggies

You need to at least five servings of veggies and fruits each day. In the morning, you can drink freshly squeezed fruit juice, eat a banana mid morning, have a salad for lunch, eat an apple mid afternoon, and have a side of fresh or steamed veggies with your choice of protein for dinner. You can even grind veggies and fruits together or separately to make a healthy and delicious smoothie.

Do Not Think You Can Get Big in A Few Weeks

You will not get big and buff in a few short weeks, as gaining muscle takes time and effort. It can take months for you to gain muscle and look lean. You will have to commit yourself to working out in the gym and eating right. In a few months, you will see all your hard work paying off.

Do Drink Plenty of Water

While working out, you will sweat a lot, which means your body’s salt level will decrease and you will become dehydrated. To make you train harder to gain muscle, you will have to keep drinking water during workouts to re-energize yourself. Even when you are not lifting weights, you should still have a bottle of water with you at all times.

Don’t Follow Fad Diets

If you come across a fad diet, turn the other way, as you do not want to follow them. If they say, you will lose weight by eating this and that, without ever steeping inside a gym, do not take their word for it. You need a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight and gain muscle. There is no magic formula for you to get a physique like a bodybuilder—it is pure exercise and diet.

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Do Pay Attention to What You Eat

Going to the gym regularly does not mean you can let your eating habits slide. Working out does not give you a free pass on nutrition. If you want successful results, you need to eat before and after working out. Eating food before hitting the gym will act as fuel, pumping you to give it your best in the gym. However, do not consume too much food before working out, as it will cause you to bloat. After the workout, eat protein and good carbs to fill you up.

Don’t Follow Everything You Come Across

You will find abundance of information online, telling you why their workout or diet plan is the best. Some of the information will be opinions while other will be fact. You need to separate the opinions from the fact. The rule here is only to listen to advice coming from a reliable source that you trust. Remember, to conduct your own research as well so you can have a clear idea of the routine’s effectiveness.

Do Have a Plan

Your busy life should not be the cause for you to miss your important meals of the day such as breakfast. Even if you have to get up an hour earlier to prepare your food, do it. It is advised that you come up with a meal plan, one which suits your goals to gain muscle mass. Always stock your pantry with food so you do not have to rush to the store to get it when you realize you ran out of oats.

Do Not Consume Alcohol

Limit your alcohol intake. Increased alcohol intakes will dehydrate you and you will not be able to give your best performance in the gym.

Do Eat Supplements

If you want to lose weight, become lean, and gain muscle, the quickest and effective way to do that is to take supplements. Just like water, supplements like Winsol will give you a boost during workout.

If you want to gain muscle, it is pertinent that you follow the do’s and don’ts mentioned here to get results. So, do not give up!