Choline Review

Of the many nootropics out there, Choline stands out because it isn't just a nootropic but also an essential nutrient. Moreover, most people do not receive sufficient amounts of it from their diet. The worst among them being post-menopausal women – only 2% get enough choline. Moreover, adult men require it in even higher quantities! It is also involved in:

  • Acetylcholine precursor
  • Memory improvement
  • Focus enhancement
  • Increased cognitive health
  • Improved mood

How it Acts

Choline is involved in cholinergic activity by producing acetylcholine. The 86,000,000,000 neurons in your brain can only communicate with each other with the help of chemicals called neurotransmitters. Acetylcholine is one such chemical in charge of forming, retaining, and recalling memories, along with the ability to focus, plan, and solve verbal and mathematical problems. It also provides you with mental clarity and speeds up the cognitive processes. Since Choline is a precursor of acetylcholine, a deficiency of choline will mean an acetylcholine deficiency. Choline combines with an acetate molecule to form the valuable acetylcholine.


  • Helps you retain memories better
  • Makes memory recall easier
  • Enhances your learning ability
  • Improves plasticity
  • Makes it easier for different parts of your brain to communicate
  • Raises the level of your mental energy
  • Decreases mental fatigue
  • It makes problem solving easier and helps you be more creative
  • It also enhances your abilities of logical reasoning, as well as, verbal processing
  • It results in an increased level of concentration that allows you to focus on a task easily and for longer
  • It also improves mood and motivates you towards the task at hand
  • It boosts the speed at which you process your thoughts and react

Safety & Side Effects


It is recommended that 550 mg Choline be taken by adult males and 400 mg by females daily. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, the amount needs to be increased to 550 mg. Reports do exist that suggest 1000 mg of Choline per day can improve memory and keep the brain healthy.

Side Effects

Choline is well tolerated but some users have complained of side effects, such as

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Diarrhea
  • Low blood pressure

Choline boosts neuroplasticity; however, overdosing on it can undo all of the positive effects. The maximum tolerable upper level of Choline is considered 3.5 g within one day. If you exceed this amount, you may experience toxicity. After reaching this mark, your blood pressure will drop. Increasing the consumption to 5 – 10 g will keep on lowering your blood pressure until it causes you to faint. Even higher doses result in body odor due to intense sweating, increased salivation, and vomiting.


Racetam and Choline

Using different racetams can give you the freedom to choose the one according to your needs. This stack will generally offer you the benefits of verbal fluidity and enhanced memory. Use 300-600 mg of Choline along with various racetams. Consuming Choline with racetams can increase acetylcholine, which is required for a racetam to work effectively. Racetams can cause headaches due to increased acetylcholine turnover and Choline supplement can prevent that. Piracetam if paired with Choline should be used in the dosage of 400-1600 mg. Aniracetam dosage should be close to 800 mg while the recommended dose for Oxiracetam in such a stack is between 400-750 mg. A suitable Pramiracetam amount is 250-500 mg.

Sulbutiamine, Huperzine A and Choline

Such a stack will cover a wide range of bases and provide you the benefits of increased motivation, enhanced memory, and learning ability. The recommended dosage should be Sulbutiamine (300 mg), Huperzine A (300 mcg), and Choline (500 mg). Sulbutiamine will enhance dopamine effects and increase level of motivation while Huperzine A will block acetylcholine breakdown and increase its levels, enhancing your memory and focus. Choline will maximise Huperzine’s influence by providing more acetylcholine.

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