The Common Mistakes of Chest Training

Chest Training

It is every guy’s dream to build a huge chest with an impressive set of pectoral muscles that are visible through his shirt but only a few are able to achieve it. Every guy works out his chest, whether he is a teenager, a young adult or a guy in his 50s; however many of them make mistakes when it comes to chest training. Here are five common mistakes of chest training.


This word is often heard when talking about fitness and bodybuilding. Most people train their chest with a higher intensity than any other muscle group, but quite frankly, this is totally unnecessary. Overtraining the pectoral muscles leads to exhaustion, tearing, and even injury.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance in your workout regimen. You don’t need to give your chest a top priority; unless you are really young. Instead focus more on compound exercises that will stimulate muscle growth all over the body, including the chest.

Excessive Bench Pressing

The bench press is an extremely popular exercise in chest training. However the majority tends to overdo it. Unless you are a powerlifter and are looking to increase your strength gains, bench pressing is not the only exercise that will build your pectoral muscles.

Flat barbell bench presses can strain your shoulders which results in should injury. This is because the shoulders rotate while lifting a barbell. To prevent injury, use free weights such as dumbbells to reduce the rotation of your shoulders and allow more rotation in the hands. This technique reduces the strain and causes the pectoral muscles to work out.

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Too Much of Shoulder Rotation

Gyms are filled with eager individuals who rush to the chest machines and the flat bench presses blindly without realizing the damage they are doing to their shoulders and limiting their chest development. Performing a bench press looks easy but it involves a lot of complex movements.

As discussed earlier, you don’t need to do a lot of bench presses. Any kind of chest press involves the rotation of the shoulders which weakens the structures around the AC joints, resulting in shoulder injury plus you are making less use of your chest muscles in lifting the weight.

To correct this issue, the amount of shoulder rotation can be reduced by retracting your shoulder blades during the course of the movement. This will ease the burden on your shoulder and increase the involvement of your pectoral muscles in lifting the weight.

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Neglecting the Upper Chest

Upper Chest Training MachineThis is something which people often ignore and favor the flat bench press instead. However training the upper chest is a major key component of an effective chest training regimen. If you want to create a split between your lower and upper pectoral muscles, be sure to implement incline chest presses which are more effective than the regular flat chest presses. A flat bench press, if done incorrectly will exert more stress on the shoulders than the pectoral muscles.

Not Carrying Out the Full Range of Motion

If you want to build some serious mass on your chest, then you need to realize the potential benefits of a full range of motion while lifting weights. More than often, it is omitted or rather left out because of the use of overly heavy weights. This can limit the development of your muscles.

Try to perform chest exercises with lighter weights that will allow a full range of movement; for example, don’t turn your attention towards an area where it is hard to stretch under a 100 pound barbell. Instead, pick up a pair of 40 pound dumbbells and start lifting away but ensure that you do the correct exercises.