How to Build Bigger Biceps: The Key Moves

May 28, 2017 by Workouts No Comments

Building bigger biceps is the dream of many And there are literally thousands of bicep exercises that you can do. But they won’t always give you the desired results. So, if you are looking to gain serious muscle mass in your biceps, then here are five exercises that will help you to develop sleeve-busting biceps. Preacher Curls Being different from a regular preacher curl, these preacher curls are performed with a dumbbell instead of a barbell. Bicep exercises often require the support of other muscle groups so the preacher bench exists for isolating the biceps. Sit on the preacher bench and […]

5 Most Underrated Chest Training Tips

June 30, 2016 by Workouts No Comments

Have your chest workouts stopped working? There might be a reason behind it. Most people don’t consider changing up their chest workout routine, that can make their intensity-boosting techniques, workout volume, frequency, forced reps and drop-sets worthless. Here are some overlooked techniques that can help you get back on track with building your chest muscles, as you desire. The Barbell Bench Press Is Not the Answer to a Chiseled Chest If you want to build up your pecs, it is quite normal to start your chest workout routine on the bench, but it can result in a training plateau, thus decreasing […]

Best Beginner’s Chest Exercises to Gain Mass

June 10, 2016 by Workouts No Comments

Concerned clients, who want to achieve a chiseled chest, often question bodybuilding experts about the best way to start their chest development training. What they don’t know is that achieving powerful and hard-lined pectorals is no easy feat. Most experts start individuals with planks, press-ups, cable-fly, seated chest presses and dumbbell bench presses. If you want to know all about them, here is a complete view of their mechanics, uses and experience levels. However, our sole purpose today is to give you a one-stop solution, to help you start your journey towards a well-designed chest routine that will help you achieve […]

Get Ripped Through Outdoor Body Workout

March 16, 2016 by Workouts No Comments

When the weather is pleasant, you should not stick to working out on those muscles and abs in the gym. Instead, you should have a peek outside to see the beautiful sun shining down. When the sun is shining bright and its warm rays grace the Earth, you should not limit your workout sessions to the gym, as it is a sign for you to come out of hiding and work up a sweat outside. If you are up for it, wear your exercise gear and come on out. If you live near a beach, you are in luck. This outdoor […]