Forskolin: The Fat Fighter or Weight Loss Solution?

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Losing weight is arguably one of the most difficult propositions in the world today.  In fact modern research has shown that conventional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise while being the healthiest options available, also almost always fail as we succumb to temptation time and again. With a mere 15% of people who try to lose weight being successful enough to sustain their losses. (Source) Fortunately, for the vast majority of the ‘failures’ hope is at hand courtesy dietary supplements and herbal medicines. But the key question is how many of them actually work enough to not only lead […]

Weight Loss Pills – Which Formula Will Work for You?

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Since the current market is full of wondrous weight loss supplements, it has become quite easy to shed those extra pounds. However, this never-ending list of effective pills has made it difficult for consumers to make an efficient choice. Not every product you come across has potential to offer you the safe result you wish for. So stay informed and make a right choice that can give you lasting weight loss benefits. How Careful are You? If your personal fitness program already includes active lifestyle, healthy diet, and workout sessions, then consider making your health regimen a little more effective by […]


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What is L-Carnitine? L-Carnitine It is synthesized by the body by using the amino acids methionine and lysine. Sources: Red meat, nuts, legumes, certain vegetables and fruits. Function: It helps in the transport of fatty acids inside the cells. Supplement Usage: Weight loss pills L-Carnitine is a derivate of amino acids, synthesized by many organisms including the human body by using methionine and lysine amino acids. It plays a vital role in the metabolism of fats in mammals and other animals. Carnitine occurs in two forms, D- and L-carnitine. D-carnitine is biologically inactive while L-carnitine is continuously synthesized to produce energy […]

Piperine – Spice up your weight loss routine with Pepper!

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What is Piperine? Piperine It is a pungent chemical substance found in the Piperaceae family of plants. Sources: Piper longum (long pepper) and Piper nigrum (black pepper) Function: It has been used for treatment of various diseases in Ayurvedic medicine and latest research suggests its probable role in weight loss. Available in many weight loss pills. Piperine is a chemical compound which is found in black pepper and long pepper – spices which are commonly used all over the world. It is responsible for the unique taste and pungent smell of these spices and is the culprit which makes you sneeze […]

Green Tea – All you need to know

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What is Green Tea? Green Tea Made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, often flavored for improved taste. Taste: Slightly bitter Function: Aids in weight loss and maintaining a healthy body Ingredient usage in: Gynectrol, Weight Loss Supplements, etc The origin of green tea dates back to more than 4,000 years and has its roots in China. The first green tea was brewed in 2737 BC according to the legend. Green tea is packed with polyphenols, also referred to as catechins. The concentration of catechins in green tea is higher than in black or oolong tea. Catechins are the bioactive ingredients […]

Guarana – Weigh low with high Caffeine

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What is Guarana? Guarana Scientific name: Paullinia cupana This maple plant is common to Brazil and is famous for its seeds which are similar to coffee beans. Uses: Used as a medicine, supplement and a major ingredient in carbonated drinks A part of the maple family, this climbing plant is known for its coffee-like seeds, both in appearance and their caffeine content. The seeds of Guarana are black in color and have about twice the caffeine as found in coffee beans. Guarana seeds have 2 to 4.5 percent of caffeine as compared to coffee beans that have 1 to 2 percent. […]

Garcinia Cambogia – A Fat loss Temptation or Contempt?

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What is Garcinia cambogia? Garcinia cambogia Scientific Name: Garcinia gummi-gutta Previous Scientific Name: Garcinia cambogia Other names: Brindle berry, Malabar tamarind, brindal berry This tree is found in Southeast Asia, where it’s been commonly used in cooking. However, its role as an aid in weight loss is very recent. Ingredient usage: Weight Loss Supplements. It is a citrus fruit which is naturally found in Southeast Asia. It is pumpkin shaped and its acid HCA is similar to the citric acid found in lemons and oranges. The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has been used in cooking for a long time. Recent research has […]