Essential Muscle Building Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Be Having

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Essential Muscle Building Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Be HavingWhen you talk about muscle growth, your food intake has a direct impact on your gains or losses. Training hard is not the only thing you need for packing on pounds of muscle. You diet plays the role of utmost importance in the whole of your bodybuilding program.

No matter how much effort you put into your workouts, if your diet is misled, you won’t be able to achieve the physique you desire. Mentioned below are a few essential foods for muscle build-up that are on every bodybuilder’s shopping list:


Yes, you need to keep far away from trans and saturated fats, but your body still requires omega-3, a great source of fatty acids that are essential in providing support to the muscle building process. Fish like tuna, salmon, sardines and trout are rich sources of healthy fats and proteins.

Salmon contains omega-3 fats as well as quality protein which are helpful in inhibiting the breakdown of muscle. It also enhances the anabolic capacity of amino acids.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are a powerful ingredient to fuel your entire day, not to mention, protein which can be obtained in one of the purest forms. Egg whites are an important part of every single bodybuilder and provide a 60:1 protein to fat ratio.

This power packed muscle building food is exceptionally rich in minerals and vitamins and contain only a few carbohydrates. Egg whites have zero percent fat and contain an abundance of protein perfect for the build-up of muscle in the body.

Lean Meat (Red)

Lean cuts of red meat and ground beef are very good sources of building body mass. Lean red meat is not only credited with B vitamins, but also contains zinc, iron and protein. This meat has a high serving ratio of calories for every serve which makes it the food of choice for those aiming to develop a serious gain from their workouts.

One thing to keep in mind is that red meats contain a lot of saturated fats. This is why their intake is not recommended on a daily basis, and should be incorporated into your weekly diet plan inclusive of other meats such as fish, turkey and chicken.


Water, the source of life, is an absolute essential for strength and stamina. Our tissue cells, ligaments and muscles all contain water. When you aim at building up a massive physique, your body needs to be hydrated and kept in a highly anabolic state. This is why bodybuilders are required to drink about 10 litres of water on a daily basis.

Water is helpful in transporting nutrients to the muscle cells in your body and also helps your muscles appear fuller.

Legumes and Beans

Legumes and beans, rich sources of nutrients, fibre and protein, are a core essential if you are a serious muscle builder. Fibre is great for the maintenance of a regular bowel movement and also has a good insulin response. These two things are exceptionally critical to the growth and development of muscles. They also aid in the usage and absorption of supplements and nutrients that are normally ingested by a large number of body builders.


Turkey and chicken breasts are an essential requirement in every bodybuilder’s diet. Not only do these lean meats contain top quality protein, they are remarkably low in trans and saturated fats. They aid bodybuilders in getting their required levels of proteins and provide a good dose of strength to the muscles in your body.

Whey Protein

Generally, bodybuilders use whey protein supplements immediately after working out, after they wake up, and also mix it with their meals. It is a good source of gaining muscle mass and pounds and helps keep your


Lentils contain carbohydrates with slow digestive qualities and are loaded with proteins and fibre. They are available in a variety of different kinds and flavours and can be easily cooked. They are a sure source of building and developing muscle mass and with all of the other qualities offered by this ingredient, make it an excellent choice of healthy eating as well.


In comparison with most of the other nuts, almonds are loaded with fibre and proteins in the highest amounts. They also contain high proportions of B vitamins that are crucial for energy metabolism, thus, making them the perfect ingredient for any kind of mass building diet.

Because they are filled with an abundance of nutrients, fibre and protein, they are excellent for repairing muscles that are worn out. In addition to this, they are also loaded with healthy fats which are helpful in satisfying hunger, providing energy, boosting cognition, and allaying in joint pain. These list of qualities make almonds the best snack before, during, and after hardcore workout sessions.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is good for muscle and mass build up for two main reasons. Firstly, it contains an abundance of casein, which a dairy protein known for its slow digestive qualities, making it good for the maintenance of muscles.  Secondly, they contain live cultures that are good bacteria which are helpful in breaking down and absorbing the nutrients essential for aiding you in getting stronger muscles.

A diet based on a careful selection of the right muscle building foods and supplements can positively impact your desires of achieving the body you seek to build. With all your hard core work workout and rigorous strength training programs, a diet rich in the ingredients mentioned above, can help you maintain as well as build your muscle and body mass.

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Everything You Need to Know About Eating Clean

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Everything You Need to Know About Eating CleanIf your attempts at losing weight have been a dud, you are doing it wrong. You need to analyze your eating habits to understand where you could you possibly going wrong. You are eating low calorie food to lose weight, yet, you feel like it is not working, at least not as well as it should.

You are eating unhealthy, inorganic, and full of toxins food!

You need to practice the art of cleaning eating. Clean eating involves eating unprocessed and unrefined food. When you consume food free of manmade chemicals, you will feel like you are losing weight. Your body will expel all the toxins from it, making you feel healthier and more alive.

Your workouts will get better as well because you will have more energy to give your exercise routine your best. If you are ready to change your eating habits, going from eating dirty to clean, you need to learn about the basics of eating cleaning.

What Are The Basics of Eating Clean?

When you go down the path of eating clean food, you will buy unprocessed and unrefined food. This means staying as far away from junk food as you can. A nibble here and there is okay, but stuffing your face in chocolate pudding is not okay. You need to abide by the following rules of eating clean:

  • You should eat whole foods only. Whole foods have not been prepared in the lab and have not come from the manufacturing plant. They have come to the grocery store directly from the farm. They include veggies, fruits, free range and grass fed meats, unsalted nuts, low fat dairy items, whole grains, and seeds.
  • You should not eat processed food. Processed foods are easily distinguishable from whole foods, as they have a label. The label on the food suggests that it is made from one or more ingredients. You should not denounce all types of processed foods, as there are exceptions such as organic cheeses and whole grain pastas. The rule of thumb is that is you cannot pronounce an ingredient on the label; you should not bring it home.
  • You should not eat refined sugar. Refined sugar is just sugar! It is filled with calories and nothing nutritious. Your body will not receive any benefit from eating refined sugar, but you will see its effects on your body in a few days. However, eliminating all of refined sugar from your diet is impossible, as everyone has one type of refined sugar they love. If your cravings get a hold of you, a small bite of the refined product is all right.
  • You should eat 5 to 6 Meals Each Day. Your metabolism may not be up to speed so you need to bring it up to speed by eating smaller meals during the day. By consuming smaller meals during the day, your metabolism will remain fast and you will feel less hungry.
  • You should cook your meals. Try to cook your own meals from here on. In fact, cooking clean food is much easier than you think, as all it requires you to do is sauté, chop, and garnish.
  • You should combine carbohydrates with protein. You need to maintain a balance between carbohydrates and protein. You need to balance your plate of food with protein and carbohydrates or with carbohydrates and fat.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you should do to eat clean, you should also know the health benefits associated with eating clean.

How Does Eating Clean Improve Your Health?

When you begin to eat clean, your health will dramatically improve and you will feel more energetic. Here is how your health will go from down to up when you switch to eating clean:

  1. You will reduce weight and maintain it.
  2. You will decrease your risk of contracting or developing certain diseases.
  3. Your body will get the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
  4. A diet of whole foods will provide you with a combination of different micro-nutrients.
  5. Eating whole foods will decrease your cravings and temptations for refined sugar.
  6. It will control your insulin level and decrease your cholesterol level.
  7. Your digestive system will be at full speed.
  8. You will be full of energy.
  9. Your cells will remain strong and as a result, your internal system will function efficiently.
  10. You will be motivated to keep yourself fit.

People who are trying to bulk up and lean down will also benefit from eating clean, as they will be losing weight and gaining muscle by eating clean protein and complex carbohydrates. However, some may find eating clean as a boring and bland combination of foods, but you can spice up your meals by seasoning them to liven up their flavor.

What Should You Season Your Clean Food With?

When the public become aware of eating clean, their first thought was that there is no way they are going to eat tasteless food. Since then, eating clean has become a tasty and scrumptious meal. All thanks for making them appetizing goes to the following spices and herbs:

  • Basil goes well with salad, sandwich spread, soup, fish, pork, chicken, beef, pesto, and tomato sauce
  • Marjoram enhances the flavor of carrots, peas, spinach, and tomatoes.
  • Mint adds a minty flavor to vegetable salad, fruit salad, and teas.
  • Oregano brings out the flavor of gravies, meat dishes, soups, and spaghetti sauce.
  • Rosemary enhances the taste of roast chicken, beef, and lamb.
  • Sage tastes delicious when added to soups, omelets, turkey stuffing, stews, frittatas, and spaghettis sauces.

Other herbs and spices include tarragon, cinnamon, thyme, cloves, nutmeg, cumin, and turmeric.

Eating clean is not that bad after all. You can lose weight while looking lean and buff. If people ask you about your secret, you can tell them about the benefits of eating clean while they are working hard at the gym. Why not just refer them to this article!

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Can Eating More Fat Help You Lose Weight?

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Can Eating More Fat Help You Lose WeightCan eating more fat help you lose weight? An age old question haunting dieters all over the world indeed. In order to lose weight, you stop eating food that contains fat. You begin to read the label of every food you buy, checking to see how many grams of fat is in it.  Hence, you decide to take a shortcut and ban yourself from eating any foods that contain fat. But is that a wise choice?  What do the experts have to about this?

The bodybuilding hunks and beauties, who have made a career out of teaching people how to get bulk and lean, will tell you to eat everything, even fats! Even though you will be a little skeptical about believing this, but it is true! You do not have to distance yourself from all types of fat, but you do have to gain knowledge about which type of fat is good for you and which is bad for you.

Good and Bad Fats

A diet comprising of bad fats will ruin your body. Saturated and trans fat are two types of fats which you should not make a habit of eating daily. On the other hand, you have polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which both are good fats. Here is a list of foods from both categories:

The Good Fats

Good fats help you reduce cholesterol level, decrease the risk of heart disease, and more. They include:

  • Polyunsaturated Fats: You can find this fat in a variety of different food such as soybean oil, salmon, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, soymilk, sardines, mackerel, and more.
  • Monounsaturated Fats: You can find this fat in olive oil, all types of nuts such as cashews and almonds, sesame oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, avocados, and more.

The Bad Fats

Bad fats are the worst of the kind. They include:

  • Trans Fats: Do not even go near food that contains trans fat. Eating too much of trans fat will increase your risk of sustaining diseases and illnesses. You should avoid hamburgers, cookies, candies, pizzas, French fries, and any other type of fast food.
  • Saturated Fats: Do you want the doctor to tell you that you are at risk for heart disease or your cholesterol levels are high? Of course not, but if you keep on eating cheese, lard, whole-fat dairy products, ice cream, and meat that is high in fat, the probability of the doctor not telling you the bad news is low.

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, and look lean, you have to minimize your intake of bad fats, as they are not good for your body and especially, for a person who is trying to get buff. If you want to lose weight and gain muscle, but keep your fat intake high, you need to eat foods that contain good fats.

What is So Amazing About Good Fats?

Your body needs three essential macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. One will not work without the other. If you restrict all types of fat from your diet, even the good ones, you will be plagued with health issues down the line.  By eating foods with good fats, you will reduce your body’s insulin levels and curb your cravings.

The Effect on Your Body’s Insulin Levels

Following a low-fat diet requires you to eat foods high in carbs and as a result,  your body begins to depend on carbs for energy.  If you only eat carbs, your insulin level will increase, forcing your cells to stop the process of burning fat and turning it into energy. Conversely, following a high-fat diet will stabilize your insulin levels and you will end up losing weight.

How Good Fats Make You Feel Full

Since it takes a person longer to digest fats than carbs, eating fats will make you feel fuller. When you feel full, you will be less likely to overeat. If you only eat carbs to gain muscle, you will feel hungrier sooner. This will no doubt make you gain weight.

Are There Any Other Benefits You Need to Know You?

In fact, you do! Some other benefits you will get from eating foods with good fats include:

  1. In order to transport Vitamins such as D, E, A, and K into your body, you need fats!
  2. Since your brain is made up of cholesterol and fat, you need to eat good fats to ensure your brain keeps functioning optimally.
  3. If you want your cells to function normally, you need fat, as your cell membrane is made from it.

The Good Fats Diet You Should Follow to Lose Weight

By now, you already know that one macronutrient will not work without the other. If you want to shed the extra weight, you need the help from all three macronutrients, carbs, protein, and fat. Each day, you should eat adequate quantities of each macronutrient.

Even if the diet you follow requires you to eat large quantities of one type of macronutrients, still try to include small amounts of each macronutrient into your diet. However, remember, effective and well thought out diets will not tell you to leave out one macronutrient entirely. If you want to speed up the weight loss results, you can include supplements into your diet.

If you truly want to be successful, get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water during the day, and visit the gym on a regular basis. Oh, and do not cheat. If you are really compelled to eat the cake in front of you, one small bite will do, but nothing more than that, as you do not want a cluster of bad fats forming a union inside your body to thwart your efforts at losing weight and building muscle. Say hi to good fats, and bye to bad fats!

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Eat Clean and Maintain a Lean Lifestyle with These 10 Foolproof Ways

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Eat Clean and Maintain a Lean Lifestyle with These 10 Foolproof WaysEver heard of the term clean eating? If not, then this is what it means. Clean eating is an excellent way of refreshing your eating habits. It’s all about choosing smart options which can develop your eating habits into ones that are healthy so that you can live a longer, fuller, leaner life.

Alongside your rigorous workouts and training sessions, you need to embrace the intake of clean foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, in addition with consuming certain fats and proteins to help your muscles in staying firm and well maintained

Let’s have a look at 10 such ways that can help you in maintaining a lean body and a clean diet, rich in health and goodness:

1.  Say Hello to Veggies

We’ve all been told, since what seems like the beginning of time, to eat up all our veggies. Here’s why: vegetables have an abundance of vitamins especially vitamin K and A which are a good source of energy and strength, aiding you in staying motivated during your workouts. These are also good for maintaining the health of our bones, our vision, and proper immune function. Veggies are low in calories so you can continue to munch as much as you can without worrying about destroying those muscles you’ve put so much effort in building.

Veggies are fresh and clean and do not undergo any harmful processing, so they are perfectly safe to eat. Munch on some carrots instead of chips and start having more of vitamin packed salads. Make sure you get your daily dose of this freshness by eating 2 to 3 cups of these clean and green veggies.

2.  Put a Stopper to Processed Foods

Did you know that processed foods are filled with excessive amounts of sugar, fat and sodium? Now that obviously doesn’t shout out healthy or clean from any angle, does it? In order to avoid suffering from a diet burnout, you should limit your intake of foods that are processed.

Instead, start a series of experimentations by cooking healthier, homemade versions of the foods you love eating. Cook up some mac n cheese with clean foods like baby spinach, which enhances muscle strength and endurance. Include chickpeas in your diet using whole wheat pasta, and throw in some more healthy ingredients that are better suited to your taste buds. You will stay in shape without harming those sculpted muscles and keep your level of endurance high during workout sessions as well.

3.  Saturated Fats Out, Healthy Fats In

When you follow the path of clean eating, you need to swap saturated fats like cheese, butter and meat with healthier fats such as canola and olive oil which are present in foods like fatty fish, peanut butter and nuts. Keep your heart healthy, keep your cholesterol in check, perform better during workouts and ride on the road to healthy living with these healthier fats.

4.  Cut Back On Salt

Too much of salt can heighten your blood pressure levels. Therefore, cutting back on salt is highly recommended. Flavor and season your food with spices, citrus, herbs and vinegar to minimize the usage of salt while cooking. Packaged and processed foods are another source of too much salt and cutting back on these items can ensure you don’t go overboard on your salt intake.

5.  Put Down That Glass of Alcohol

Any bodybuilder would know that alcohol consumption is a big ‘No’. This is because alcohol has adverse effects on recovery, hydration, and anabolism. However, its consumption in small amounts is a safe option. Also, keep away from mixed drinks that are packed with added sugars that scream out ‘not healthy!’

6.  Keep Added Sugars at Bay

An essential element of clean eating habits is keeping your distance from an abundant amount of added sugars, namely candy, baked goods and soda. Keep in mind to steer clear of eating too much of healthier items like yogurt and cereal that can contain added sugars. Opt for plain varieties instead.

7.  Grab a Bite of Nature’s Candy – Fruits!

After a workout, your body needs to be re-fueled and fruits are the perfect way to do so. Fruits are naturally sweet and not to mention, utterly delicious. They are also rich in vitamin C and potassium and are natural, pure and unprocessed. You can snack on them during workouts, or whenever you feel like sweetening your mouth instead of grabbing candy bars and soda cans. They’ll give you the energy you require to pump up those weight training sessions and help you in staying healthy as well.

Apples and oranges are especially good in building lean muscle. Apples contain polyphenols which are an excellent source for preventing muscle fatigue and increasing muscle strength. Eating apples can actually benefit you in training harder for longer periods of time. Oranges, when eaten before workouts, are known to boost endurance, strength and muscle growth.workout diets

8.  Eat Smaller Portions of Meat

Start eating meat in lesser quantities so as to clear your diet of extra amounts of saturated fat, which, as mentioned above, are the opposite of eating clean. Eat high quality proteins for building up muscle strength, but in smaller quantities. Add some beef obtained from grass fed cattle in these smaller meals to shed body fat and start building leaner muscles.

And try adding vegetable proteins to your meals including beans and tofu, opting for minimal quantities of meat in stir fried and soups dishes

9.  Say Goodbye to Refined Grains

Another way of ensuring that you eat clean is by cutting back on refined grains and white flour. Unlike the much healthier choice of whole grains, refined grains are mostly stripped off essential nutrients like fibre and magnesium. This is due to them being processed. Plus, refined grains are most commonly found in junk snack items and baked and packaged foods like cookies, cakes, and crackers.

So skip the white pasta and white bread and move to a healthier lifestyle with including more of whole wheat bread and pasta.

10.  Grab Some Nutrient Enriched Whole Grains

Get long lasting energy during workouts through whole grains which are packed with nutrients as opposed to refined grains. This is because the germ and bran are not removed. When you go grocery shopping for pastas and breads, try to purchase brands that have whole wheat labeled in the ingredients. You can also choose to opt for whole grains such as oats, brown rice, and quinoa.

Another reason to adopt this particular clean eating habit is because it is associated with lowering belly fat and body mass.

You won’t feel more refreshed overnight. But incorporating these clean habits in your daily life can certainly help you in the long term. Give your body the nourishment it deserves. Eat clean, stay lean, and be happy and healthy.

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Your Diet Cheat Sheet to Staying Lean without Losing Muscle Mass

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Staying Lean without Losing Muscle Mass

Last updated on 28th April, 2017

The hunks you see on TV looked nothing like that a few years or months ago. They were scrawny like you, but one day, just like you, they motivated themselves to lift up weights to begin filling their body with muscle. However, visiting the gym was not the only way they got result, but they modified their eating habits as well. Remember, one is useless without the other. Hence, you need to keep on working out and follow this diet cheat to have a killer lean physique:

1.     Limit Carb Intake, Then Boost

For four to five days, do not go near any carbs. In the last two days, boost your carb intake. By eliminating your carb intake for a few days to consume only 100 grams or fewer, your body shifts into a fat burning zone. When you increase your calorie intake to 250 to 300 grams for the remaining two days, you rev your metabolism into first gear.

2.     Drink Neurotransmitters

How can you drink neurotransmitters and how will they assist you get the perfect body? Green tea and caffeine contain neurotransmitters. They jump start the fat burning process and you should have your cup of neurotransmitters two to three times per day. Have one dose of neurotransmitters thirty to sixty minutes before working out.

3.     Eat Slow Burning Carbs

Slow burning carbs consist of whole grain pastas, oatmeal, pastas, breads, brown rice, beans, and sweet potatoes. You should eat more slow burning carbs during the day with the exception of not eating them in the morning or after an intense workout session. Increased intake of slow burning carbs will decrease more fat during the day as well as during your workout sessions.

4.     Snack the Right Way

Stick to eating cottage cheese and sugar-free yogurt to burn fat. They contain slow burning carbs that control and stabilize your insulin levels. Moreover, dairy products as a whole are extremely good for your body, as they contain a lot of calcium. You can keep this on standby at the office to avoid making the trip to the vending machine.

5.     Do Not Prolong Your Hunger

You need to eat every few hours. Long pauses will disrupt your digestive system, slowing down. You should consume after every 1 ½ hours to boost metabolism. When your body is feeling hungry, eat something healthy like carrots, celery sticks, or any other veggie you like.

6.     Do Not Eat Carbs at Night

Your body does not need all those extra carbs at night. When you hit the bed at night, your body will not digest those carbs. If you go to bed without any carbs in your body, your body will increase its GH output. The GH output will kick your metabolism in overdrive, causing you to burn more calories.

If you want to increase the growth of muscle, you should eat fast digesting carbs after your workout session ends. In doing so, your blood sugar will remain stable in the night while the GH goes to work.

7.     You Need Your Tea

If you want to get lean, you should never skip on your tea. Preferably, drink green tea, as it contains loads of antioxidants, which function to burn calories at a faster rate. You can also add ginseng to the tea to keep your blood sugar levels in check, which in return, will help you become and stay lean.

8.     Limit Your Fat Intake

You do not have to stop your fat intake completely, but you have to limit the amount of fat you put in your body. Each week, for four to five days, put down the burger, put down the fries, and any food that is high in calories. What should you eat instead? Think turkey breasts, fat free cottage cheese, egg whites, and protein powders. Since your body is adaptable to the changes in diet, you need to start eating foods rich in protein after the fourth or fifth day in the week. For instance, you do not eat food high in fat on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday, you do. Follow this same routine the following week, and you get the idea.

9.     Skip the Fat Free and Low Fat Approach

People who take the fat free and low fat approach want to become lean, but you want to gain muscle mass and become lean at the same time. Hence, choosing the fat free and fat approach will only help you reach one of those goals and you want to reach both.

In your diet, you need to start eating low in fat, but not fat free food such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. The protein you will eat along with it will increase muscle mass. In short, 30 percent of calories from fat should come from food such as fish, egg yolk, seeds, and nuts.

10.  Don’t Forget to Spoil Yourself

Every once in a week, you can eat a good helping of burgers, pizzas, desserts, and fried foods. You might be thinking that this is ludicrous and you should not be cheating this much on your diet. There is an explanation for why you need to spoil yourself once in a while. Your body reacts by increasing the function of the anabolic hormones responsible for fixing injured muscle tissue. Moreover, by splurging, you will not lose your mind, as distancing yourself from all the food you once loved is harsh and not to mention an extremely difficult task.

11.  Take a Fat Burning and Muscle Building Supplement

You can also take bodybuilding supplements that will speed up the process of helping you achieve your goal of the perfect body. Along with your diet and exercising routine, the supplements will work like an aid, aiding you in your struggle to become lean.

If you want to keep your muscle, but stay lean at the same time, you need to adhere by this diet cheat sheet.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Gaining Muscle

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Gaining MuscleAre you on a quest to gain muscle?

Have the results been disheartening?

Are you losing your focus along with your determination to gain muscle?

Do not hang a wreath on your dreams, not just yet! There is still a way you can make your dreams come true, but how? Unknown to you, you have been doing the do’s in conjunction with the don’ts to gain muscle. For this reason, the results of your workout regime have been less than satisfactory. You need to redefine your workout routine by clearly outlining the do’s and don’ts of gaining muscle.

Do Educate Yourself

Take advantage of the several platforms available online. Do not look at one workout plan to gain muscle mass and go with it, but look at several. Compare them with each other, read reviews, and ask your trainer about workout plans you are considering to follow. Only then, choose one. If the workout plan gets you close to achieving your goals, pat yourself on the back, as you have found the plan that works for you.

Don’t Eat Only One Type of Food Each Day

You need to diversify your diet regardless of what your weight loss goals are. If you only eat protein, you will miss out on the benefits veggies provide you. Plus, you will get tired of eating one kind of food each day. If you are trying to gain muscle, you need to eat plenty of starchy carbs and fibrous carbs such as whole-wheat pasta, oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, granary, and rye bread.

Do Eat Foods High in Protein

Your diet should consist of eating foods, which are high in protein. Your diet should contain fish, red meat, nuts, dairy products, milk, eggs, beans, and quark. Remember, to include these foods into your diet, including them in every meal.

Do Not Stop Eating Fat

Eating fat only means that you should consume good fats such as from fish, nits, olive oil, and seeds. If you restrict yourself from eating all types of food that contain fat, your diet will be unhealthy.

Do Snack on Fruits and Veggies

You need to at least five servings of veggies and fruits each day. In the morning, you can drink freshly squeezed fruit juice, eat a banana mid morning, have a salad for lunch, eat an apple mid afternoon, and have a side of fresh or steamed veggies with your choice of protein for dinner. You can even grind veggies and fruits together or separately to make a healthy and delicious smoothie.

Do Not Think You Can Get Big in A Few Weeks

You will not get big and buff in a few short weeks, as gaining muscle takes time and effort. It can take months for you to gain muscle and look lean. You will have to commit yourself to working out in the gym and eating right. In a few months, you will see all your hard work paying off.

Do Drink Plenty of Water

While working out, you will sweat a lot, which means your body’s salt level will decrease and you will become dehydrated. To make you train harder to gain muscle, you will have to keep drinking water during workouts to reenergize yourself. Even when you are not lifting weights, you should still have a bottle of water with you at all times.

Don’t Follow Fad Diets

If you come across a fad diet, turn the other way, as you do not want to follow them. If they say, you will lose weight by eating this and that, without ever steeping inside a gym, do not take their word for it. You need a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight and gain muscle. There is no magic formula for you to get a physique like a bodybuilder—it is pure exercise and diet.

Do Pay Attention to What You Eat

Going to the gym regularly does not mean you can let your eating habits slide. Working out does not give you a free pass on nutrition. If you want successful results, you need to eat before and after working out. Eating food before hitting the gym will act as fuel, pumping you to give it your best in the gym. However, do not consume too much food before working out, as it will cause you to bloat. After the workout, eat protein and good carbs to fill you up.

Don’t Follow Everything You Come Across

You will find abundance of information online, telling you why their workout or diet plan is the best. Some of the information will be opinions while other will be fact. You need to separate the opinions from the fact. The rule here is only to listen to advice coming from a reliable source that you trust. Remember, to conduct your own research as well so you can have a clear idea of the routine’s effectiveness.

Do Have a Plan

Your busy life should not be the cause for you to miss your important meals of the day such as breakfast. Even if you have to get up an hour earlier to prepare your food, do it. It is advised that you come up with a meal plan, one which suits your goals to gain muscle mass. Always stock your pantry with food so you do not have to rush to the store to get it when you realize you ran out of oats.

Do Not Consume Alcohol

Limit your alcohol intake. Increased alcohol intakes will dehydrate you and you will not be able to give your best performance in the gym.

Do Eat Supplements

If you want to lose weight, become lean, and gain muscle, the quickest and effective way to do that is to take supplements. Just like water, supplements like Winsol will give you a boost during workout.

If you want to gain muscle, it is pertinent that you follow the do’s and don’ts mentioned here to get results. So, do not give up!

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The Bulk Clean Meal Plan to Have a Super Ripped Body

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The Bulk Clean Meal Plan to Have a Super Ripped BodyYou aspire to look like the Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his heyday. In order to make your dream a reality, you eat, train for muscle growth, limit your calorie intake, and go through a cutting cycle to burn fat. With this meal plan, you will get the muscular appearance you want, but without all those extra steps. The meal plan will teach how you can make the complicated steps of cutting and bulking into one simple step. You will become jacked up and leaner in a short amount of time by following a clean eating meal plan to bulk up and lean out.

Dirty Bulking Method vs. Clean Bulking Method

Like many others, you may also think that when you are fatter and bigger, you are on the right course. However, your thinking should not be fatter and bigger, instead should be better and bigger. Imagine:  Will you look better if you add 5 to 8 pounds of fat free muscle? Or will you look better if you add ten pounds of muscle mass with twenty pounds of stomach marbling? Even though both options are a hit with bodybuilding nuts, the first option is ten times better than the second.

For one simple reason, you will eat clean, not dirty. If you keep overloading yourself with food constantly, you will have your body, but will also be increasing the likelihood to get diagnosed with health problems in the future.

How the Dirty Bulking Method Creates Havoc in Your Body?

Each day, you are stuffing your mouth with foods containing trans fat, sugar, and omega-6 vegetable oils. On the exterior, you look hot, but on the inside, you are suffering. It can compromise cell membrane activity, chronic inflammation can expose you disease, and you may become susceptible to joint pain. “Who cares about disease? I only want to put on muscle?” If becoming sick does not waver you from eating dirty, perhaps, this might do the trick.

If you eat just to eat without thinking about what you are ingesting, your insulin sensitivity and nutrient divider to the muscle cell will decrease. Following this method, you will gain muscle, but not the quality kind. Moreover, shedding the final layer of flab will become an impossible ordeal when you shift into the shredding stage.

What Should You Do Instead?

You could try a traditional clean eating method, which promotes a hyper-micromanaged meal plan or as you know, the clean way to bulk. In the clean eating method, you have to eat after every 1 ½ hours. Each day, you will carry seven containers with a wide variety of different foods such as tuna, carrots, and broccoli.

However, for the working class, the traditional clean eating method is more of a burden, as you will have to juggle so many boxes every day. Since you would not want to go through all of that trouble, here is an eating plan that will work the same way, but better. The modern clean eating method requires you to eat healthy grains and you can integrate it into your life easily.

The Modern Clean Eating Meal Plan

To explain to you what the modern clean eating meal plan entails, the example of a 175-pound male is used. Here is the plan:

Daily Calorie Intake:

16 per lbs (pounds) of body mass
16 X 175 lbs = 2, 800 calories


Daily Protein Intake:

1 gram per lbs of body mass
1 gram X 175 pounds = 700 calories or 175 grams of protein


Daily Fat Intake:

25 percent of calories
0.25 X 2,800 calories = 700 calories or 75 grams of fat


Daily Carbohydrates Intake:

2,800 calories – 700 calories – 700 calories = 1,400 calories or 350 of carbohydrates

Once you have crunched all the numbers to find out how many calories you can consume each day, you can begin to follow the intermittent eating plan to get your desired results.

What You Should be Eating?—The Intermittent Eating Plan

You need to eat the following things during the day:

  • Breakfast Meal

Skip breakfast, but you can drink tea or black coffee without sugar.

  • Lunch Meal

Eat eight to twelve oz protein with one to two servings of whole food fats. You can include non-starchy veggies (eat as many as you want).

  • Dinner Meal

Eat twelve to sixteen oz of protein with five to six servings of starchy carbohydrates. You can include non-starchy veggies (eat as many as you want).

What a Sample Plan Would Look Like?

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast– Black coffee Breakfast– Black coffee Breakfast– Black coffee
Lunch– 8 oz chicken breast, salad, and an avocado


Lunch– ½ cup of any nuts and 8 oz sirloin steak Lunch– 12 oz Turkey breast, salad, and 1/3 cup of coconut (shredded)
Dinner– Steamed veggies and 16 oz pepper and sea-salt flank steak, and 48 oz baked potato


Dinner– Vegetable stir fry and 16 oz of garlic chicken and six cups of white rice Dinner– 12 oz baked salmon, 5 cups of mashed sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, and green beans.

If you want to look like the former governor or the wrestler turned actor, you need to eat in bulk, but clean. You cannot put loads of food in your body at one time, and then sweat it out in the gym. You will burn calories and bulk up, but you will also put yourself at risk of getting joint pain or any other type of pain down the line. You need to practice the healthy way of bulking up and getting lean by following the modern bulk clean eating plan. You will feel good about yourself, knowing you leaned and bulked up by eating clean.

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