Stop Making Bulking Blunders

Stop Making Bulking BlundersMost people who want to get big and lean only know one way to achieve results, which is to eat everything they see in sight. Basically, their diet routine consists of eating way too much, and then exercising way too much. In their minds, it is to feast until you burst out of your seams, and then hit the gym to sew the seams together.

This type of logic famously trends amongst most beginners looking to bulk up and gain muscle. What they do not see is if they combine good food with bad food, they unintentionally put themselves at risk of losing the muscle mass they worked day and night to gain. Their efforts wasted and it was all their doing, how sad!

Binge Eating Does Make You Big

Will not going to argue with you that it doesn’t, but will tell you that it may make you into big person, but not a muscular person. If you are starting out and have your dreams set on becoming a muscular person, do not make the same mistake as your predecessors did before you.

Do not see food and just eat without thinking twice about what you are actually putting inside of you. As their successor born into a modern era where there tons of knowledge is available out there about properly gaining muscle, you need to gather as much of it as you can.

You will ruin your physique by thinking eating large quantities of junk food such as donuts, chicken wings, and brownies will have the same effect on your muscle growth as eating brown rice, fish, and whole eggs. If you were brainwashed to eat, exercise, eat, and exercise, it is time to tell you about everything that is wrong with the old method of bulking up.

The Five Problems

Following are the five problems with the old method of putting on muscle:

1.     You Do Not Pile on Muscle; You Pile on Fat

In your body, you have fat cells, which are like small balloons, not blown up yet. When you blow air in them, they blow up. When you consume large quantities of food, the fat cells get bigger. What happens to a balloon when you keep blowing it?—It pops! If you keep eating food, the stored fat in the cells will spill over.

In order to accommodate the extra fat, your body begins to increase the number of fat cells. Even though you can shrink the fat cells with exercise and diet, you will never be able to get rid of them, at least not without going under the knife. Due to this incredible phenomenon, lean people find it easier to stay lean while fat people struggle to lose weight. In short, bulk eating is only promoting the growth of more fat cells.

2.     Lean People Gain Extra Muscle

Lean people have it easy, so they say. Hate to break it to you, but it’s true. If you are on the chubby side, you will not be able to gain that lean and extra muscle like your leaner counterparts. The reason being is that leaner folks have and maintain ten to fifteen percent of body fat in order to gain muscle.  How do they do it?

People with a leaner physique tend to decrease their body fat percentage each time they workout. Their body adapts to this method of training, creating nutrition partitioning. Nutrient partitioning forces nutrients to enter into the muscle cells instead of the fat cells. If the percentage of your body fat is more than fifteen percent, you will gain excess fat and less muscle. If you follow the old rule of eating in excess, the latter will be true for you.

3.     You Have No Power over the Growth of Your Muscles

When it comes to muscle growth, you cannot force it, but let it take its course.  If you do force muscle growth by working out like a lunatic, your body will not take the pressure standing down, but will fight back, leading you to sustain injuries, burnout, plateaus, and over-training.

If you keep your calorie intake high, you will get big, as stated before, but in time, you will be in the receiving end of poor health, extra fat, poor habits, and an awful physique. In order not to let that be your future, you need work in unison with your body, not in opposition to it.

4.     Cutting Becomes Difficult Each Time You Bulk

In the beginning, cutting after bulking will not seem as difficult. As time passes by, you will find cutting down after bulking torturous. In all seriousness, individuals can only generate so much muscle based on their genetics, protein consumption, testosterone levels, insulin sensitivity, muscle fiber breakdown, and testosterone-to-cortisol ratio.

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For instance, you bulked up to 200 pounds, but since it was first time cutting down, fifty pounds of it was pure lean muscle so you only cut ten pounds of fat. Now, that was a piece of cake, but wait, it gets harder, you just wait.

Next time, you gained 240 and more pounds to get that ripped and chiseled physique. In order to get there, you have to cut twenty pounds of fat, which will be significant harder than cutting the ten pounds of fat. If you spend majority of your time cutting, you can say good-bye to muscle mass, as the only way to build is to bulk up.

5.     Bulking is Impossible

No one wants to spend the next four to six months in the gym bulking up, as that is highly unreasonable and overwhelming. You wouldn’t have to spend so many months in the gym trying to achieve the muscular look if you had a proper diet regime. If you eat proper meals such as follow a good fat-loss workout plan, you will not get big, but get muscular.

If you have done the bulking blunder of overeating, you should quit while you are ahead, as it is not the correct way to achieve a lean and muscular physique.