How to Build Muscle Mass Fast

How to Build Muscle Mass Fast

If you have always been the skinny guy in the gym and were confused as to what those guys in your gym do to lift heavier weights while looking more buffed up than the last time you saw them, chances are that you are doing something wrong.

It is a scientific fact that in order to pack on more muscle, you need to work them out frequently. You can perform various exercises that will increase your muscle mass by pumping more blood into your muscles;however the question about building muscle mass greatly remains unanswered. So here are some of the best techniques that can be applied in the gym to increase your muscle mass.

Train in Less than an Hour

If you want to gain more muscle mass you need to keep the duration of your workout under an hour; otherwise it can lead to overtraining and possibly even injury. Instead, focus on maintaining a higher intensity workout which lasts for about 45 to 50 minutes.

Calculate the Number of Calories Needed to See Massive Growth

The factors that determine your daily calorie requirements are age, weight, gender, and the kind of lifestyle you lead. To compute the amount of calories you need on a daily basis, multiply your present weight by 20. Your weight should be in pounds. For example if you weigh 150 pounds, your daily calorie intake should be 3000 calories.This is the amount needed by your body on a regular basis to boost your muscle mass.You should incorporate a high protein low carb diet to promote muscle growth.

Perform Compound Exercises

Perform Compound ExercisesThese exercises work out the major muscle groups of the body such as the pectoral muscles, back muscles, quadriceps, glutes, etc. Research shows that working out these muscle groups releases testosterone and the human growth hormone (HGH) which stimulates the muscle fibers and helps pack on more mass. Try to do high intensity compound exercises once in a week.

Lift in a Progressive Manner

When you lift weights, your muscles will become used to the weight after a while and hence you won’t be able to experience any further growth. To prevent this from happening, increase the quantity of the weights you lift every week. This is called progressive lifting and it basically shocks your muscle fibers. As a result, your muscles will become stronger and increase in size. For example if you lifted 200 pounds while doing the bench press in the first week, add another 15 pounds in the second week and another 15 pounds in the third week.

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Shift Your Workout Routine

If you are working out two muscle groups on a single day and your workout schedule is three times in a week, try switching to a different one like working out each muscle group on a single day lasting six days. For example, if you were working out your biceps and chest on a Monday and your back and triceps on a Wednesday, try doing your chest on a Monday, triceps on a Tuesday, biceps on a Wednesday, back on a Thursday, and so on. This stimulates the fibers in the major muscle groups and increases the muscle mass in your body.

Perform Partial Lifts

When you are lifting a weight, don’t lift it all the way up during the first set. Instead, lift it up one third of the way, on the second set lift it up two-thirds of the way, and in the last set, lift it up all the way. You can also try to use a heavier weight in the first set and then lower it in the consecutive sets. This method shocks the muscle into growing.

Go for the Supplements

Supplements have been mentioned here only be to be used as a last resort. Try to follow a natural diet rich in protein and low in fats. However often at times, you won’t be able to get all the essential nutrients so you can consider taking supplements like creatine, glutamine, and whey protein powder to power up your workout sessions.