How to Build Bigger Biceps: The Key Moves

How to Build Bigger Biceps

Building bigger biceps is the dream of many And there are literally thousands of bicep exercises that you can do. But they won’t always give you the desired results. So, if you are looking to gain serious muscle mass in your biceps, then here are five exercises that will help you to develop sleeve-busting biceps.

Preacher Curls

Being different from a regular preacher curl, these preacher curls are performed with a dumbbell instead of a barbell. Bicep exercises often require the support of other muscle groups so the preacher bench exists for isolating the biceps.

Sit on the preacher bench and extend your arm with a dumbbell in your hand. Firmly place your triceps in place and look straight ahead to align your neck. Start curling the weight, keeping the muscle tensed throughout the rep. Do not curl the weight all the way up so that your bicep touches your forearm, but make sure to lower the weight all the way down back to the initial position.

Inclined Dumbbell Curls

This is a very popular and common bicep exercise that is performed incorrectly by many would-be Arnold Schwarzeneggers.  

Place an incline bench and recline on it with a dumbbell in each hand and fully extend your arms towards the floor. Begin by moving the dumbbells upwards together holding your elbows in place, keeping the palms facing up continuously so that the flexors of your elbows are well stretched. You can place a towel between the bench and your neck to prevent your head from coming off the bench. In this way, you will see a gain in your strength.

Concentration Curls

Concentration CurlsAlthough this exercise can be done in a sitting or a standing position, it is recommended to carry out this move in a seated position; standing up while doing this exercise will only cause you to focus more on maintaining your balance, rather than working your biceps. If performed in a sitting position, it will allow you to get the correct angle needed for this exercise.

Seat yourself on the edge of a bench; take a dumbbell in one hand and place your triceps against your inner thighs. Arch your back and lean over the dumbbell. Slowly and deliberately curl the weight until the full range of movement is achieved. Ideally, the dumbbell should touch your chest. You should lower the weight until your arm is stretched again.

Chin-ups (Close Gripped)

This is an easily overlooked exercise but it is the most effective one and you are guaranteed to pack on some serious mass on your biceps, if you perform this move more frequently. Grasp the bar, keeping a close grip with the palms facing you and make sure that the distance is about 8-12 cm apart. Start by pulling yourself up until your chin is above the bar. For the maximum benefit, perform this exercise very slowly; take about 15 seconds or so to perform this move. Then lower yourself slowly back to the original position.

If you are unable to do a high number of reps, don’t worry. This exercise is designed to exert the maximum amount of pressure and tension on your biceps to allow the muscle fibers to start growing. However, don’t cheat; come all the way down because the range of motion in this move is of vital importance.

Zottman Curls (Seated)

This exercise is considered to be the ultimate method in building a pair of bigger arms. It might feel uneasy to some people in the initial stage, but after a short while you will get the hang of it.

Grasp a set of dumbbells and seat yourself on a flat bench. Fully stretch out your arms, keeping the palms of your hands facing forward. Begin by curling the dumbbells while making sure to extend your hand backwards. Once your arms are fully curled, rotate your hands in a way that your palms face downwards and straighten out your wrists. Complete one rep by lowering the weights but ensure that your elbows are in a fixed position throughout the duration of the exercise.

These five exercises will definitely help you to achieve bigger biceps but in addition to weight lifting, you should also follow a protein-rich diet as they are the building blocks of muscles.