Body Building Exercises For Developing Shoulder Muscle Mass

As body building is a favorite hobby of many individuals, there are many exercises which help to develop muscle mass in specific areas, which include the arms, shoulders, chest etc. These exercises are designed to help the body adopt a routine, which would result in a healthy and active body, with lean muscular figures. While building strong shoulder muscles is a need for athletes and other professionals, building a strong muscular figure is the dream of many.

Developing muscle mass in the shoulder region is the pursuit of many, for which they follow certain popular body building exercise routines. Following are some exercise routines which assist in building a strong muscle mass around the shoulders, and an athletic figure.

Alternating Cable Shoulder Press

Developing Shoulder Muscle MassIt is a shoulder muscle development exercise, which involves the use of cables. The cables are moved to the bottom of the body building weight tower, and a suitable weight is chosen for exercise. Then the cables are held at shoulder height, with the palms facing outward. This serves as the starting position for the exercise.

The head and chest is kept up, while the weight is extended from one side through the elbow directly over the head. After reaching with the weight to the height of the extended arm, the arm is returned to the start off position, and the exercise is repeated with the other arm. It helps in building strong shoulder muscles.

Alternating Deltoid Raise

This muscle building exercise utilizes dumb bells as equipment. The dumb bells are held at the sides at the start of the exercise. Keeping the elbows in a slightly bent position, the dumb bells are raised to shoulder level at the front.

The weights are returned to the side and in the next repeat the weights are held lateral to the body at shoulder height. The weights are again returned to the sides, and the exercise is continued with alterations between the front and the sides.

Alternating Kettlebell Press

This shoulder building exercise uses kettlebells as equipment for developing muscles. The kettlebells are held at shoulder height, with the rotation of wrist movement as the weight is extended towards the arms. One kettlebell is extended through the elbow with the palm facing forward, while the other is held stationary by the shoulder side. The weight is returned to its startoff position, and the exercise repeated with the other shoulder.

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Anti Gravity Press Exercise

A bar is placed behind the head area of the incline bench, on the ground. While lying on the bench with face down, the barbell is picked up from the ground with the help of a pronated grip. The elbows are flexed to bring the bar towards the chest, which serves as the startoff position for the exercise. The barbell is held in front of the head through elbow extension. The arms are kept at a parallel position to the ground throughout the entire movement.

The barbell is returned to the startoff position and repeated for the completion of the set. It is an effective body building exercise.

Exercise Routines

Exercise routines are a popular and effective way of ensuring muscle building. These routines include a combination of different shoulder or chest building exercises, which are repeated in a defined number of sets, for effective muscle development.

While exercises are a sound source to ensure muscle development, body building also requires a nutritional diet routine along with the use of supplements which help in muscle building.

Body Building Supplements

Body building supplements are a good source of supplying the body with much needed nutrition and dealing with the deficiency of any vital nutrient or insufficiency of an essential body hormone, responsible for bulk building.

While top foods for body builders include a diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates and essential vitamins, body building supplements ensure the regulation of testosterone in the body which ensures muscle development.

Many supplements cover up the deficiencies in the body, which serve as obstacles in the pursuit of muscle development. While some steroids are harmful, others prove to satisfy the nutritional and hormonal deficiencies of the body, thus transforming the body into a healthy structure which is fit, active and strongly built.

For individuals, who wish to develop strong shoulder muscles, it is essential to compliment their exercise routines, exercises, and diet regime with a good muscle building supplement, which would aid them in the acquiring of strong lean muscles and an attractive figure.

Exercise regimes, a healthy diet and a reliable body building supplement are the killer combination for anyone who wants to sport rippling shoulder muscles!