5 Things You Can Do To Grow Taller

5 Things You Can Do To Grow Taller

A decent height, that is somewhere around the range of 180cm for men and 170cm for women, doesn’t always come easy for everyone. Most of the people are always looking to increase their height by just adding on a few inches. However, it is easier said than done.

If you are also one of those individuals who have been doing all they can just to add a few more inches to your height, then we can completely empathize with you, as we know the struggle is real. But we’re here to put an end to your sorrows, as we present to you the 5 things you can do to actually increase your height for real.

So without further delay, let’s get straight to these things:

1. Do Stretching Exercises

You may have tried this one without getting any results, but results actually prove that stretching exercises can definitely help you increase your height. Of course, nothing will happen overnight and you have to be patience. But there are three levels of development that make height growth with stretching exercises possible. These are as follows:

  • Level 1: Tonal & Muscular development of the back muscles
  • Level 2: Spinal decompression & Straightening
  • Level 3: Progressive spinal disc regeneration & thickening.

So long as your stretching exercises follow a pattern which puts the above three levels into proper play, you can rest assured that within a short period of time (probably a few weeks, or possibly a few months, depending on your individual system), you will experience height growth naturally.

2. Take a Proper Diet

A diet that incorporates all the right ingredients and micronutrients is sure to get your system back on track, that is, the track on which healthy results are possible. And yes, height growth is definitely possible so long as your system is healthy and packed with the food and nutrition that it needs. This is why we encourage you to take some time out and reassess your diet, because maybe all you need is the right kind of foods and micronutrients that will give your system the boost it needs to grow your height naturally.

3. Consider Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening, as suggested by the term, is the name of a surgical process which revolves around the lengthening of human limbs. This surgical procedure requires either external rods or internal ones placed inside human limbs. These rods do require being adjusted periodically. But the overall result is quite effective and it can well and truly add on a few inches to your height. This surgery is currently being carried out for cosmetic purposes in many countries across the world. The cost for this surgery is around the $85,000 mark.

4. Swimming on a Regular Basis

You may not know this, but swimming is one form of working out that can actually increase your height to a certain extent. And it can do so quite drastically. If you swim on a daily basis, your body will be stretching quite considerably, and as a result of the elasticity being developed throughout your muscles, your height will be increased to a noticeable extent. We would recommend you to try the Breast stroke to increase height, as it is a swimming style in which your entire body is being stressed to stretch. If you haven’t learnt swimming yet, then you should do something about it.

5. Find a Good HGH Supplement

The Human Growth Hormone has long been known for its positive results on height growth. Those individuals who have higher levels of this hormone in their systems are more likely to experience more growth in terms of height, as compared to the people who have lower levels of HGH being created in their bodies. However, as far as boosting the levels of HGH in your system is concerned, there are not many safe ways through which you can achieve this fate.

One possible manner through which this can be done is a reliable HGH supplement. As long as you have a supplement that provides your body with enough HGH it needs to increase height naturally, you can always rest assured that you’re on the safest track to increasing your height, and of course, the results will be completely natural and safe. You should check out our detailed review on Special Introductory Height Growth if you’re looking for HGH supplements.