10 Low-Impact Exercises for People with Arthritis

Arthritis can make a person’s life difficult and leave them in intense pain. Moving around becomes difficult and as time passes they start to gain weight. Exercises are usually strenuous and require a lot of movement so people suffering from arthritis generally avoid it. What they don’t know is that there are exercises that will help decrease the pain and promote weight loss.

1. Aquatic Exercises

Exercising in warm water will increase your circulation and will help to remove the weight off your muscles and joints by making your body feel light. People with arthritis can try water exercises like swimming, walking in place, and water aerobics.

2. Walking

Partner up with a relative or a friend and go for a walk. Walking will not only help you reach your weight loss goal, but if you are plagued with arthritis, it will help ease the pain. It will strengthen your heart and lungs, and will improve stamina.

3. Strength and Resistance Training

Strength and resistance training has shown to strengthen muscles, heart, bones, and lungs. You perform this exercise by using weights or with the help of a weight machine. This is an effective exercise for people with arthritis who want to lose weight.

4. Tai chi

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese invented Tai chi, an exercise performed in a sequence of slow moving poses. Tai chi works to strengthen muscles and flexibility. You can practice this ancient exercise in a group or alone.

5. Yoga

Yoga has been around for years and a lot of people take up yoga to tone up their muscles and lose body weight. There are specific yoga poses that can help ease joint stiffness and tensions. You will have to talk to an exercise instructor to tell you about which yoga poses are right for you.

10 Low-Impact Exercises for People with Arthritis

6. Stationary or Outdoor Cycling

People with arthritis should start cycling to improve their hips, knees, and to strengthen their heart. A day out in the sunshine biking is a great way to improve your health and lose weight. During winters, you can purchase a stationary bike to peddle indoors. Even a few minutes on the bike will increase your stamina and decrease joint aches.

7. Jogging

Running and jogging is not entirely off limits for people with arthritis. You need to purchase a comfortable pair of sneakers and find a location to jog. You should choose a location that is soft and flat, but don’t forget to stretch first.

8. Golf

Golfing is known as a sport for the elite or a sport that requires a lot of patience. An individual conflicted with arthritis can enjoy the sport as a form of exercise. Golf has many benefits like increasing strength and mobility.

9. Dance Classes

You don’t have to try hip-hop or any other form of fast exercise; instead, you can learn ballroom dancing. You will meet new people and turn a ballroom class into effective exercise for your arthritis and weight loss.

couple dancing to get rid of joint pains and arthritis

10. Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist

You can always take the usual route of hiring an exercise instructor. They can further inform you about which exercises are best for you.